ZET 048-С-VER.1 Digital Seismic Recording System

  • Downhole design
  • GPS georeferencing
  • In-place verification
  • Integrated seismic recorder

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of Digital Seismic Recording Systems ZET 048-С-VER.1

Direction of measuring axes Measuring axis Z is orthogonal to the base and directed from the base to the top, and the X and Y axes are parallel to the base
Nominal operating frequency range for measuring axes X, Y, Z: 0.3 to 400 Hz
Nominal sensitivity 0.5 V/(m/s2)
The limits of permissible relative error of measurement along measuring axes X, Y, Z, up to:
– in 0.3 to 1 Hz frequency range
– in 1 to 100 Hz frequency range
– in 100 to 400 Hz frequency range
±10 %
±4 %
Maximum measured value 20 m/s2
Integrated noise in the operating frequency range, max. 4•10−5 m/s2
Relative transverse penetration factor at 20 Hz, max. 1 %
Sampling frequency for channels 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500 Hz
Monitoring the status of primary transducer
Integrated system of electrical excitation of sensing elements (X, Y, Z axes) using the actuator Yes
Power supply monitoring of primary transducer Yes
Standalone mode
Offline operation, min. 10 hrs
Full charge time of internal battery 18 hrs
Battery type Lead
Integrated non-volatile memory 32 GB
Time of recording to internal memory card at 500 Hz sampling frequency Over 1,000 hrs
Synchronization parameters
Synchronization type GPS or PTP (IEEE1588)
Clock accuracy 0.1 ррm
General specifications
Power supply voltage 9 to 18 V
Power consumption 4 W
Data interface Ethernet and USB 1.1 Full Speed
Dust and moisture protection class IP68
MTBF 10,000 hrs
Average service life 10 years
Weight (without panel), max. 6.5 kg
Dimensions (without panel), max. Base diameter: 170 mm
Height: 250 mm
Operating temperature range −20 to +60 °С (offline version)
−40 to 60 °С (stationary version)


of ZET 048-С-VER.1 seismic recording system

Downhole design

Explosion-proof casing, compact dimensions, light weight


Built-in generator for seismic receiver in-place calibration

Power control

Continuous sensor power control


Seismic recording system georeferencing via GPS devices


Clock rate of signal digitizing via GLONASS/GPS


of ZET 048-С-VER.1 digital seismic recording system

ZET 048-C-VER.1 digital seismic recording systems are used in standalone mode or within the scope of automated monitoring systems for seismic and seismological studies, onshore and offshore works, at sea bottom and on ice, using the methods of refraction and reflection waves and deep-water  seismic sounding against the man-made and natural sources, the earthquake converted-wave method, as well as for geotechnical surveys.

ZETLAB SEISMO software supplied with ZET 048-C-VER.1 digital seismic recording systems allows to perform a fully featured analysis of signals using various algorithms and visualization of results in two- and three-dimensional format.


of ZET 048-С-VER.1 digital seismic recording system


of ZET 048-С-VER.1 digital seismic recording system

ZET 048-С-VER.3 digital seismic recording system complete in with solar battery

ZET 048-C-VER.1 digital seismic recording systems is a triaxial seismic receiver and 24-bit measuring module, which ensures high sensitivity of seismic signal recording in three directions and analog-to-digital conversion of signals by independent ADCs.

ZET 048-C-VER.1 digital seismic recording systems have an integrated battery and a nonvolatile memory storage device, which enables offline recording for subsequent analysis of signals on PC.

The downhole design of ZET 048-C seismic station allows to use it in adverse conditions.

The figure below shows  FQ24-19ZJ-S plug board layout.

Plug board layout

Connector pins assignment is specified in the Table below:

Connector pin# Circuit Connector pin assignment Notes
1 RX+ LAN  data receiving line Ethernet connection line
2 RX- LAN  data receiving line
3 TX+ LAN data transfer line
4 TX- LAN data transfer line
5 USB_D+ USB data exchange line USB connection lines
6 USB_D- USB data exchange line
17 USB_VDD External power supply of +5V bus from USB bus
7 POW_IN External power supply 9-18 V
8 GND Common
9 Back-up
10 Back-up
11 GPS_ANT+ Used for GPS aerial connection (signal line) Lines for GPS connection
12 GPS_ANT- Used for GPS aerial connection (common)
13 SW_ON Recorder switcher To turn the recorder on/off, connect the line to GND circuit (pin #8)
14 Back-up
15 Back-up
16 Back-up
18 REL+ Dry / potential-free contact output “Dry contact” option
19 REL- Dry / potential-free contact output

Main functions

of ZET 048-С-VER.1 digital seismic recording system


Record and playback, viewing historical events


FFT analysis, CPB analysis, super-resolution spectrum


Signals and results of filtration and analysis


Data communication via Ethernet and Internet

Standard configuration

of ZET 048-С-VER.1 digital seismic recording system

Basic equipment of the seismic recorder

Basic configuration of ZET 048-C-VER.1 digital seismic recording systems includes:

  • ZET 048-C digital seismic recording system with integrated seismic receiver BC 1313;
  • receiver for GLONASS/GPS synchronization;
  • USB cable;
  • integrated battery and power adapter;
  • integrated memory card for signals recording in standalone mode;
  • CD with ZETLAB SEISMO software;
  • operational documentation.

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