5 Steps to Choose a ZETSENSOR

How to choose a suitable ZETSENSOR module? Please answer 5 questions!

5 steps to select ZETSENSOR module

In order to establish a measuring line based on devices of ZETSENSOR product line, one should:

1. Determine the type of the device used and choose a particular ZETSENSOR product option (see the diagram above).

2. Select type and a particular amount of the digital modules, that are to be used for solving a particular task.

3. Take into consideration the requirements for linearity of the measuring lines (“star-type” connection is not allowed), determine amount and design length of the measuring lines necessary for the control of all the digital modules used.

4. Calculate data transfer speed using the design measuring line length and the information from “Cable line length” clause.

5. Select the necessary amount of interface converters in compliance with the amount of the system’s measuring lines amount as well as quantity and type of the primary transducers (sensors) for ZETSENSOR digital modules (in the case if it is necessary to use them).