About ZETLAB, company ZETLAB
  • The leading Russian manufacturer of measuring equipment

    Develop and manufacture equipment for vibration measurement since 1992!

  • The leader in manufacturing digital sensors

    At the forefront of producing digital sensors and controllers on RS-485 and CAN 2.0

  • A wide range of applications

    Mechanical engineering, technical control, warning earthquakes, diagnostics of buildings, etc.

Enterprise profile

  • Manufacture of devices for vibro-acoustic monitoring and analysis in the industry.
  • Automation of measuring, testing, and verification processes.
  • Design and manufacture of measuring equipment.
  • Development of methodologies for the test equipment certification.
  • Training of the customer firm personnel.
  • Design and manufacture of devices and systems for data collection and processing.
  • Software development for vibro-acoustic analysis, tensometry and seismology.
  • Manufacturing of “turnkey” systems for complex solutions of measurement tasks, diagnostics, monitoring and management of various technological processes.
  • Design and manufacturing of input/output devices for analog and digital signals and digital signal processing devices.
  • Manufacturing and supply of primary transducers: vibration sensors, microphones, hydrophones, speed sensors, current and voltage sensors.

Application range of our equipment

  1. Acoustic, vibro-acoustic analysis, seismic and strain measurement, acoustic emission.
  2. Measurement and valuation of noise and vibration levels.
  3. Monitoring and diagnostics of technological processes parameters continuous monitoring of machine condition.
  4. Automated control systems for testing on a shaker and impact testing machine.
  5. Testing automation.
  6. Low-frequency measurements of electric and magnetic fields.
  7. Calibration of measuring devices and test equipment certification.
  8. Electric power quality monitoring systems.
  9. Multichannel measurements with high dynamic range and low intrinsic
  10. Noise level.

Quality program

High quality, functionality and reliability of the product are provided by appropriate level of enterprise staff professionalism, using the latest advances and introduction of latest technologies available on the market.
Our products are used in measuring systems of government and military standards, high precision units. the equipment manufactured by Jsc “electronic technology and metrology systems” is operated by more than 1,000 leading enterprises of the country in various sectors.