WKS requirements

within the scope of SHM system

Structural health monitoring system (SHM) may be equipped with automated workstations (hereinafter referred to as WKS). In this case WKS should have Windows OS as well as task-specific utilities including the software programs specified in the Table below:

Software name (status) File name (type)
ZETLAB (obligatory) ZETLab.msi (installer)
SCADA-system ZETVIEW (option) ZETView.msi (installer)
OPC library (option) OPC Core Components Redistributable (X64).msi
OPC Core Components Redistributable (X86).msi
ODBC driver MySQL (option) mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.11-win32.msi (installer)
mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.11-winx64.msi (installer)
Software for visual representation of long-term trends for all the registered channels of ZETLAB Software scope (obligatory) ZETLab.msi (installer)
SCADA-project SHM WKS with control options of threshold level exceeding and logarithmic decrement changes  (option) smik_arm.zvx
WKS settings (obligatory) smik_arm.txt (configuration file)
Autorun settings (obligatory) Exestarter.xml (configuration file)