Kurtosis level control

Broadband random vibration impact is an obligatory component of the testing procedure. However, it is impossible to reproduce a real operational environment. The problem is that most of the acceleration impacts applied to the specimen in the course of tests performance, are close to the average level. Thus, testing with the use of broadband random vibration implies the use of Gaussian distribution of random values (Kurtosis=3). In the case of real operational environment, the number of peaks is above the average value.

The program “Broadband random vibration” allows to adjust the kurtosis value of the noise signal, thus, controlling the probability distribution. It allows to generate impacts similar to those, occurring in a real operational environment.

Control of Kurtosis value of the broadband noise is implemented by means of a user-friendly program (in the “Parameters” tab, it is possible to edit the test profile parameters).

Increase of the Kurtosis value leads to a considerable emission of high-power noise peaks (pulses). It allows to make the tests of this type more realistic.

For a better understanding of the difference between the normal probability density distribution (Gaussian distribution) and the non-Gaussian distribution with high Kurtosis value, let us consider several time realizations of signals and the corresponding probability density distribution scenarios.