ZET 430 Adapter

Matching device ZET 430:

  • aligns sensor output signal with the FFT spectrum analyzer input;
  • sends the FFT spectrum analyzer generator signal to the sensor calibration input;
  • provides power supply to the sensor from the integrated ±12 V power supply unit.

Matching device ZET 430 is powered by 220 V mains and is supplied together with a network adapter 220 V→ 12 V.

From 503 USD

Matching device ZET 430 is intended for connecting sensors with differential output to the measuring instrument with current input. It allows to connect BC 313 sonic detectors and BC 1313 stethoscopes to FFT spectrum analyzers.

Technical Specifications
Power supply 12 V
Output voltage ±12 V
Maximum output current ±100 mA
Gain 1
Number of input channels 3 differential / 1 inphase
Number of output channels 1 inphase
Input voltage range by channels ±10 V
Output voltage range by channels ±10 V

Pin Definition

of Matching device ZET 430

Designation  Type Q-ty Purpose
+12V power supply miniXLR 92M-502(3P) 1 Power supply input from 220 V network adapter
X, Y, Z, PC BNC 4 Signal output from the sensor (to the ZET 017 FFT spectrum analyzer input) X, Y, and Z signals and power control (PC) signal
Generator BNC 1 Sensor calibration input (from the output signal of ZET 017 FFT spectrum analyzer). If the input is not used it should be short-circuited with 50 Ohm jumper.
Sensor terminals 12 Input for sensor (sonic detector, stethoscope) connection

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