Design and survey works

with the use of portable measurement system

At the stage of design and survey works and prior to implementation of the structural health monitoring system (SHM), it is necessary to conduct a number of experimental researches aimed at finding the most suitable location for the digital transducers mounting (to be further used for natural oscillation period and damping ratio control).

It is possible to conduct these preliminary studies using the portable measuring system based on ZET 048-C.

In the course of the preliminary research, the seismic recorders ZET 048-C are mounted at the points, that are supposed to be further used for mounting of the digital transducers. The minimum duration of the data acquisition process is 24 hours. The locations for the performance of preliminary measurements are selected depending on the features of a particular controlled object.

The recorded signals are then processed by means of the program “Determination of the parameters of the fundamental tone of free oscillations of buildings“, which enables calculation of the best possible ratio of “local peak value/ interference level” for a particular structure or building.

The best possible ratio is calculated based on the smallest value of the deviation RMS parameter, which is calculated automatically.

The figures below show the graphs of stable and non-stable recording of the controlled parameters, that have been obtained upon completion of the recorded signals processing

Design and survey works with the use of portable measurement system - Stable data recording
Design and survey works with the use of portable measurement system - Unstable data recording

Even in the course of visual analysis of these graphs, it is possible to find the suitable locations for digital transducers mounting for the recording of the fundamental tone of building’s natural oscillations.

The portable measurement system based on ZET 048-C for diagnostics and monitoring of structures and buildings has a number of advantages: it is easy to install or dismount, it can be transported to any location, which considerably simplifies and accelerates measurement works performance!