Error Log

ZETLAB Error Log is used for creating and sending error logs from a spectrum analyzer, strain-gauge station, ADC/DAC module or other measuring instrument to the developer of ZETLAB software (ZETLAB Company).

All errors (lags, glitches, incorrect functioning of programs) in ZETLAB software for ADC/DAC boards, spectrum analyzers, strain-gauge stations, etc. are recorded in a log file. This log file is sent to the software developer (provided there is access to the Internet) via ZETLAB Error Log. After receiving the error log file, ZETLAB Company specialists take all necessary measures to eliminate the faults causing failures in ZETLAB software and drivers functioning.

ZETLAB programs can function independently from an operator, which is why the programs present their messages not as dialog boxes, but record them in the application log which can be viewed in ZETLAB Error Log via ZETLAB “Service” control panels.

In the log, the programs record not only error messages, but also messages regarding any changes in their parameters. The recorded messages help to trace back the sequence of program actions, which is often useful for analyzing errors occurring during the program operation.

Журнал ошибок

Error Log is a part of the following software:

Error Log is included in the Service software group.