High-frequency generator ZET 7191

  • High-frequency signals generation
  • Acoustic emission signals imitation
  • CAN 2.0 data interface

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of High-frequency generator ZET 7191

Metrological Data
Output signal range -1 to +1 V
Repetition of preset periods at preset or random interval yes
Sampling rate 100; 500; 1,000; 6,000; 12,000; 24,000 kHz
Technical Specifications
Number of channels 1
Data interface CAN 2.0
Transmission rate 100, 300, 1000 kbps
Interface input overvoltage protection (1 A current) 19 V
Interface input surge protection (350 W, 8/20 µsec) 28 V
Performance Specifications
Dimensions 87×50×24 mm
Weight 50 g
Power supply 9 to 24 V
Current consumed @12 V 110 mA
Reverse polarity protection yes
Operational temperature range -40 to +100 °C
  • Hardware Versions

    Standard: laboratory design in a plastic cover (green)
    OEM: board covered with a sealing compound.
    Heavy Duty*: unit of standard design in an air-tight cover
    (with a transparent lid)

Operation Principle

of High-frequency generator ZET 7191

The ZET 7191 is a high-frequency generator on the CAN bus intended for generating high-frequency signals of any shape. The shape of the generated signals may be of two types: sinusoidal and radio impulse.

The ZET 7191 generator may be used for imitation of acoustic emission signals for configuring acoustic emission sensors as well as for reproduction of signals using an emitting sonic detector during sonic detector calibration.

Connection Diagrams

of High-frequency generator ZET 7191

SMA socket Connection PT 7191

SMA socket
PT connection

Socket for connecting to a measurement network 7191

Socket for connection to
the measurement network

Definition of pins for connecting to CAN line

Pin Definition Marking
1 +(9 ~ 24) V Orange
2 H line of CAN 2.0 Blue
3 L line of CAN 2.0 White-blue
4 GND White-orange


of High-frequency generator ZET 7191

When it is needed to set the High-frequency generator ZET 7191, connect the unit to a computer via the interface converter and launch Device Manager.


The "Generator" tab

The ZET 7191 operation mode is configured on the “Generator” tab.

The ZET 7191 operation mode is configured on the Generator

Parameter Changeability  Acceptable values Description 
Sampling rate, kHz Yes 100
DA converter frequency, at which the data will be transmitted to the unit output
Following interval, msec Yes 0…30000 Interval of the given shape signal generation at the DA converter output
Random interval Yes Off
Turning the random interval function on/off. If this function is on, the interval of the given shape signal will be pseudo-random from the range from 0 to the value set for the previous parameter
Sine frequency, kHz Yes Frequency of the sinusoidal signal; permissible value is selected based on the set sampling rate
Number of periods per pack Yes 1…100 Number of sine periods in the given signal shape
Potentiometer Yes 0…255 The value for the potentiometer which controls the signal scale using an analogous method
Amplitude Yes 0…1 Additional digital linear scaling factor

Controller configuration case

Let’s look at the case when it is needed to generate a periodic sequence.

Schedule on and off

T = 10 msec
A is maximum possible.
Sine frequency is 300 kHz, 2-period packs
For this, save the following settings on the “Generator” tab:

Parameter  Value 
Sampling rate, kHz 24000
Following interval, msec 10
Random interval Off
Sine frequency, kHz 300
Number of periods per pack 2
Potentiometer 255
Amplitude 1

To adjust the amplitude, it is possible to use the “Potentiometer” and/or “Amplitude” fields. For coarse tuning it is recommended to use the “Potentiometer” field (it influences the amplitude in a non-linear manner), and the “Amplitude” field, for more accurate scaling since it has a linear factor.

The signal is generated at the output right after powering the unit on.

Basic configuration

of High-frequency generator ZET 7191

Standard equipment

HF generator basic configuration includes:

  • High-frequency generator ZET 7191;
  • DIN-rail mounting panel for plastic modules 71×39;
  • set of operational documentation.

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Measurement perfomance

using ZET 7191 HF generators

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ZET 7191
High-frequency generator

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