Resonance search, track and dwell (RSTD)

The software option “Resonance search, track and dwell (RSTD)” is intended for fatigue testing of various structures and products. The operating principle is based on maintenance of the resonance frequencies for a sufficient period of time.

In the course of tests performance, the resonance frequency undergoes changes, and the program automatically detects the changes of the resonance frequencies and shifts the impact frequency for the required value.

In the course of tests performance, you can start the program “Pre-test and control“. It will allow you to conduct a preliminary analysis of the specimen’s dynamic characteristics. All the resonance frequencies, which have been detected in the course of the test, will be registered in the corresponding tab of the test profile.

The table will display all resonance frequencies and anti-resonance frequencies obtained upon completion of the pre-test. Depending on user’s requirements, it is also possible to exclude anti-resonance frequencies, to select the resonance frequencies with optimal Q-factor, and to test the specimen at the selected resonance frequencies.

In the course of tests performance, the program will track the shift of the resonance frequency and adjust the test impact in compliance with the detected changes.

RSTD - Profile configuration - harmonic vibration