Video-lesson: Saving the data from ZET 048 seismic recorder in miniseed format

This video-lesson will help the users to learn how to save the data from the seismic recorder in miniseed format. The plan of the lesson is as follows:

  1. Connecting the seismic recorder to the PC and starting ZETLAB Software.
  2. Activation of the “Device manager” program from the “Service” section of ZETLAB software suite.
  3. Selection of the files from the seismic recorder’s memory for further conversion.
  4. Setting the interval for the data to be converted.
  5. Demonstration of the conversion process progress.
  6. Viewing the miniseed data in WSG format.
  7. Viewing the converted signal in ZETLAB Software environment.
  8. Completion of the data conversion process.
  9. Selection of the channels to be viewed.
  10. Operations in the program database.
  11. Viewing the graph of the signal, changing the graph scale, further processing of the signal.