Seismic observation system

on-line seismic monitoring with the use of ZETLAB software suite

International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks is a universal organization. Members of this federation are united into groups, which are held responsible for installation and maintenance of seismographs both in particular locations and all over the world. Members of this organization share the data about location of the seismographs and provide free access to the accumulated data. This form of cooperation allows scientists to make new discoveries in the domain of ground surveys, and especially in the sphere of seismicity surveys.

In the territory of the Russian Federation there operates the Federal system of seismological observation and prediction of earthquakes (also referred to as FSIS). This system can be represented as a task-specific system used for seismic and geophysical data acquisition (recording), storage, transmission, and processing.

Specialists of ZETLAB Company have developed a task-specific application enabling signals transmission from local seismic stations to your PC in real-time mode.

You can view signals from seismographs located in Arti, Kislovodsk, Lovozero, Obninsk, Bilibino, Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Tiksi, Yakutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The data is updated once in 4 seconds.


FDSN undertakes constant efforts in order to provide optimal positioning and technological infrastructure of the seismographs, which allows to record the data with the resolution of 25 bits during considerable time intervals with sampling frequency up to 20 samples per second. FDSN has also initiated development of universal standard for the exchange of broadband seismic data and the relevant parametric data. As the result, the SEED format has been developed (Standard for Exchange of Earthquake Data).

This global network enables effective monitoring of seismic and volcanic activity as well as early tsunami alarm notification.

This program allows the seismic monitoring systems based on the seismic recorders ZET 048-C and ZET 7152-N VER.3 to obtain comprehensive information about the earthquake with the use of the signals received from the local seismic recorders. These features contribute to accurate calculation of the earthquake focus location and the magnitude of the aftershock.

ZETLAB Software suite also allows to find the location of the earthquake focus, to calculate magnitude of an earthquake, to estimate the amplitude of vibrational acceleration, velocity, and displacement.

Below you can see an example of the seismic events parameters representation based on the data from the particular seismographs available in the global seismic network.


In order to enable precise calculation of the earthquake focus location and magnitude value evaluation, it is necessary to have at least seismic two data loggers located in direct vicinity to each other. Thus, you can purchase a single seismic recorder station from ZETLAB Company to be installed at the monitoring area, then establish a connection with the nearby seismic recorders from the global network. Thus, you can implement monitoring of seismic events in your particular region.

It is noteworthy that ZETLAB software enables representation and analysis of the seismic data from the seismic recorders all over the world without restricting only to the territory of the RF.