Requirements to server

within the scope of SHM system

In the case if SHM system has a server, the server should have Windows OS as well as software utilities including the programs specified in the Table below:

Software (status) File name (type)
ZETLAB (obligatory) ZETLab.msi (installer)
SCADA-system ZETVIEW (option) ZETView.msi (installer)
 OPC library (option) OPC Core Components Redistributable (X64).msi
OPC Core Components Redistributable (X86).msi
Data base Maria DB (option) mariadb-10.0.5-win32.msi (installer)
mariadb-10.0.5-winx64.msi (installer)
ODBC driver MySQL (option) mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.11-win32.msi (installer)
mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.11-winx64.msi (installer)
Software for signals recording for long-term storage for all SHM channels of ZETLAB Software (obligatory) ZETLab.msi (installer)
SCADA for SHM server (option) smik_server.zvx
Server settings (obligatory) smik_server.txt (configuration file)
Server settings ZET.OPC.1 (option) server.zoc (configuration file)
Autorun settings (obligatory) Exestarter.xml (configuration file)
Auxiliary file (option) install_server_db.sql (installer)