ZET 7140-S Digital Eddy Current Displacement Sensor

  • Measured parameter: displacement
  • Non-contact measurement
  • CAN 2.0 data interface


of ZET 7140-S Digital Eddy Current Displacement Sensors

Metrological Data
Measurement range* 0 to 2,500 µm, with ВС701-05 probe;
0 to 3,500 µm, with ВС701-07 probe;
0 to 8,000 µm, with ВС701-17
Noise RMS value at 1 mm, EMA=0.1 with data output frequency 50 Hz*
Technical Specifications
Socket type for connecting a primary transducer SMA
Measured parameter distance/displacement
Measuring method non-contact
Data output frequency 1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 Hz
Data interface CAN 2.0
Reverse polarity protection yes
4 kV electrostatic discharge input protection yes
Input overvoltage protection (current shall not exceed 10 mA) yes
Operational Specifications
Dimensions 93×50×24 mm
Weight (without the eddy current probe) 40 g
Power supply 9 to 24 V
Current consumed at 12V up to 110 mA
Operational temperature range -40 to +100 °С

* Depends on the eddy current probe type

  • Hardware Versions

    Standard: laboratory design in a plastic cover (green)
    ОЕМ: board compound coating
    Heavy Duty*: unit of standard design in an air-tight cover
    (with a transparent lid)


of ZET 7140-S Digital Eddy Current Displacement Sensors

No adjustment is required

The parameters are stored in the measuring unit memory

Measurement results

The measurement results are transmitted in digital form

Power supply

The primary transducers are powered by the measurement unit


Stable characteristics and high reliability in operation

Operating Principles

of ZET 7140-S Digital Eddy Current Displacement Sensors

A digital eddy current sensor consists of a primary transducer (eddy current probe) and the ZET 7140-S measuring unit.

The primary transducer is installed on the object to be studied and is connected to the measuring unit. A signal proportionate to the distance to the studied object is generated at the primary transducer output. The measuring unit digitizes the sensor output signal and generates the measured value. The measurement results are transmitted via CAN interface.

Application Scope

of ZET 7140-S Digital Eddy Current Displacement Sensors

Industrial Turbines
Industrial Compressors
Industrial Electric Engines
Rotor Shafts

Connection Diagrams

of ZET 7140-S Digital Eddy Current Displacement Sensors

ZET 7140-S. Разъём SMA для подключения датчиков

SMA socket
Connecting PT

ZET 7140-S. Разъем для подключения к измерительной сети

Socket for connecting to
a measurement network

Diagram of connection
to a measurement network

Измерительная сеть на базе ZET 7140-S

Basic Configuration

of ZET 7140-S Digital Eddy Current Displacement Sensors

ZET 7140-S комплект

The standard configuration package of the eddy current sensor includes::

        • ZET 7140-S digital gauge;
        • mounting panel for DIN molding for 71×39 plastic units;
        • eddy current probe: BC 701-05/BC 701-07/BC 701-17 (cable length is 0.5 m);
        • eddy current probe set; eddy current probe target; calibration glasses; fixing kit No 1;
        • operation documentation.

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Necessary measurement equipment

supplied upon request

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