Shaker system parameters

a program from the scope of ZETLAB VIBRO software suite

Shaker system parameters - program interface

The update of the software suite ZETLAB  VIBRO includes a new user-friendly interface as well as a wide range of new functions, allowing the user to configure parameters of the vibration test system with the maximal possible prevention of errors occurrence.

The program “Shaker system parameters” allows to set the limit values of the shaker system parameters as well as to control operational parameters of the system with the use of ZETLAB VIBRO software suite.

For the convenience of the user, we have also added a database of the most popular shaker systems. The database allows to select a particular shaker system, which is going to be used for testing. In the case, if the required shaker system is not available in the list, the program allows to add a new shaker to the database as well as to set the corresponding threshold values.

The program “Shaker system parameters” can be started from the VCS software panel.

The program “Shaker system parameters” is used:

  • Upon installation of ZETLAB Software or after software update;
  • In the case, when it is necessary to select a new shaker model;
  • When it is required to configure operation parameters of the shaker system.


In the case of some shaker systems, it is possible that the limit values of acceleration and force parameters for noise and vibration testing may not be available. If the limit parameters values are not specified in the program, it is allowed to use the parameters specified by the manufacturer for sinusoidal vibration testing.

Supported hardware

The program “Shaker system parameters” is included into the scope of ZETLAB VIBRO software suite (this software is supplied together with shaker controllers).