Vibration transducers calibration system

System for calibration of the vibration transducers

The system is used for calibration of  vibration transducers as well as:

  • ICP and charge accelerometers;
  • piezoelectrical and capacitive vibration transducers;
  • vibration-measuring instruments.

Calibration procedures are performed in fully automated mode and in compliance with the applicable requirements within less than 30 minutes!

All the measuring instruments included into the scope of “Vibration transducer calibration system” are included into the National Register of measuring instruments.

“Vibration transducer calibration system” fully complies with the applicable technical requirements. 

Advantages of the system

Automated calibration process
Cost-effective system configurations available
Comprehensive user manual
Calibration report
Transducers database
Presentation of system operation

Operating principles

The System is represented by hardware and software suite used for primary and periodical calibration of vibration transducers by means of comparison calibration with the reference vibration transducer in accordance with the applicable requirements.

The reference and the verified transducers are coaxially mounted on the vibration exciter. This allows to achieve identical acceleration level for both vibrational transducers. The readings of reference transducer are used to maintain the required acceleration level at the vibration exciter.

FFT Spectrum analyzer and task-specific software package “Calibration of vibration transducers” are used to control the vibration exciter and to measure the signals received from the vibration transducers. A power amplifier is used to connect the FFT Spectrum analyzer to the vibration exciter and the charge amplifiers are used to connect the vibration transducers to the FFT spectrum analyzer.

The program allows  to set the test parameters and to conduct calibration tests in accordance with the applicable requirements.

The measurements are conducted in automated mode. The parameters of the vibration transducers are calculated taking into consideration all the uncertainties.

System components and technical specifications

The basic delivery scope of the system used for vibration transducers calibration incudes:

Type Item Functions Quantity Price
Vibration exciter vibration impact replication 1 from 8 200 USD
Power amplifier amplification of the signal sent from the controller to the vibration exciter 1 included into vibration exciter delivery scope
Reference vibration transducer AP10 reference vibration transducer (verification of vibration transducers based on comparison calibration method) 1 2 950 USD
FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 034 registering and control of the signals received from the primary transducers; vibration exciter control 1 3 950 USD
Charge amplifier ZET 440 the charge amplifier is used for connection of the reference transducers to the FFT Spectrum analyzer 2 from 666 USD
Software “Calibration of vibration transducers” SCADA-project for the calibrated transducers parameters control 1 3 849 USD
PC or a laptop upon request 1 from 1 156 USD
Reference displacement transducer  reference transducer used for the calibration of low-frequency transducers 1 from 1 511 USD
retaining pin
set of mounting hardware
for mounting of the accelerometer on the vibration exciter
for alignment of reference and calibrated transducers
for mounting of the transducers on the vibration exciter
upon request
1 pc
1 pc
307 USD
519 USD

POR (price on request)

Basic characteristics of calibration vibration exciter are shown below:

Parameter Value
Range of the replicated oscillations from 2 up to7 000 Hz
Maximum vibration displacement amplitude ± 5,5 mm
Range of vibration acceleration values (for vertical direction of vibrational impact) from 0,02 up to 441 m/s2
Basic relative uncertainty of the vibration exciter 3,4 %
Payload 1 kg

In order to extend the vibration exciter functional range, you can choose the vibration exciter model based on your particular task. FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 017-U is compatible with all types of electrodynamic vibration exciters from various manufacturers.

If you already have a vibration exciter and you are going to conduct vibration transducer calibration in manual mode, you can perform the calibration in automated mode using FFT spectrum analyzer, the software “Vibration transducers calibration”, and, depending on the particular transducer type, charge amplifier ZET 440.

In the case, if you need a “turnkey” system solution, then, in addition to the FFT Spectrum and the software, the system should also incorporate the reference transducer and the vibration exciter. The selection of the system components should be based on the following criteria:

  • frequency range of the calibrated transducers;
  • amplitude range of the calibrated transducers;
  • types of the calibrated transducers;
  • necessary measurement accuracy.
vibration transducers calibration system components

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