Interface converter ZET 7176

  • Data exchange with PC
  • Digital sensors and controllers power supply
  • Interface conversion: Ethernet/Wi-Fi ↔ CAN 2.0
  • Remote control over devices connected

Basic delivery scope (for laboratory version of the transducers) includes: interface converter ZET 7176, power supply module 220V → +24V, 2 measuring line connectors ZET 7001 (mounted on 30 mm din-rail) Ethernet cable – 2 meters. ZETKEY, terminal resistance 120 Ohm (metal plug for industrial version of the product), CD with ZETLAB Software (enabling connection of up to 32 digital transducers), set of operational documentation.

In the case if the interface converter is delivered in the industrial version of the product, the delivery scope also includes a connecting cable (2 meters, for connection of ZET 7XXX with FQ14-4TJ-7 ↔ FQ14-4TJ-7) and a connecting cable for connection of the interface module to the interface line ZET 7XXX (length – 2 meters, connectors type: free output↔ FQ14-4TJ-7).

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of Interface converter ZET 7176

Functions Interface conversion Ethernet ↔ CAN 2.0
PC connection interface Ethernet 100Mbps
Maximum amount of simultaneously connected addresses
(Actual number of connected modules depends on the loading of data transfer channels)
up to 32
Maximum total sampling rate 8000 Hz
Connection interface for ZETSENSOR modules CAN 2.0
Data exchange speed 100, 300, 1000 kbps
Operation control in real-time mode synchronization quality;
control of CAN line loading
Dimensions 87×50×24 mm
Weight 55 gr
Power supply from 9 up to 24 V
Consumed power 1,5 W
Power supply of the connected ZETSENSOR modules External
Polarity reversal protection yes
Operating temperature range от -40 до +60 °С
Electromagnetic compatibility EMC
IEC 61000-4-2, ESD contact 4 kV, air 8 kV
IEC 61000-4-4, EFT power 0,5 kV, signal 0,25 kV
IEC 61000-4-5, Surge 500 V

    Standard: laboratory version in plastic casing (green).
    OEM: compound-coated plate.
    Industrial*: standard version module placed in sealed casing (with transparent cover).


of Interface converter ZET 7176

Interface converter Ethernet/Wi-Fi↔CAN ZET 7176 is used for connection of CAN interface instrument communications nets based on digital transducers to PC over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Wi-Fi or Ethernet network throughput rate allows to immediately fulfill commands and transmit great scope of data. Shared use of ZET7176 and ZET 7172 interface converters allows arranging instrument communications nets with radio linked transmission interface.

The ZETLAB package includes ZET 7176 module drivers. ZETLAB data server detects devices available on CAN line automatically, reads the name of instrument channel, measurement unit, upper and lower range of parameter permissible values and reads instrument channel data continuously, thus forming a continuous synched channel in ZETLAB environment.

ZETLAB data server is scanning the line at all accessible addresses, and when a new device found, it provides dynamic connection of the new channel into the system. When ZET 7176 device is found, ZETLAB data server also connects all channels in real-time mode. Thus,  the line can be maintained without interruption of work on other channels, i.e. the system permits «hot» replacement of elements.

ZETLAB data server scans the line at all accessible addresses, and in the case, if a new device is found, it provides dynamic connection of the new channel into the system. When new ZET 7176 device is found, ZETLAB data server also connects all channels live. Thus, the line can be maintained without interruption of work on other channels, i.e. the system permits hot replacement of elements.


User Manual for configuration of the digital modules


of Interface converter ZET 7176

Connection to the measuring network 7176

 Communications network connection

Designation of connector pin-outs for CAN line connection

1 +(9…24) V Orange
2 CAN 2.0 line “H” Blue
3 CAN 2.0 line “L” White-blue
4 GND White-orange

Instrument communications network diagram

Data collecting system using our transducers is quite simple. Digital transducers transmitting results via CAN interface are connected to Interface converter ZET 7176, which, in turn, must be connected to router, or directly to PC over Ethernet cable. After that everything is simple: Interface converter ZET 7176 collects data from digital transducers using CAN and transmits them to PC over Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

ZET 7176 connection scheme

Measuring line connection scheme with interface converter ZET 7176 via Wi-Fi*.

*This connection scheme implies the use of Wi-Fi router.



of ZET 7176 interface converters

ZET 7176- basic delivery scope

Interface converter ZET 7176 supply package includes the following:

  • Interface converter ZET 7176;
  • Patch-cord cable (Ethernet, 2 meters);
  • Power supply unit 220V → +24V;
  • Network cable 220 V (without grounding with free outputs 1,7 meters);
  • ZET 7001 – measuring line connector;
  • DIN-rail, 300 mm, 2 brackets for plastic modules (dimensions: 71*39 mm and 87*50 mm);
  • Cable 0,2 m (red/blue), connecting cable with free outputs for mounting of ZET 7XXX module on a DIN-rail;
  • ZETKEY — USB device (ZETLAB software activation key);
  • Terminal resistance 120 Ohm;
  • ZETLAB SENSOR software CD;
  • set of operational documentation.

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