Acoustic emission transducer GT205

without amplifier

  • wide application range;
  • low-frequency;
  • direct connection to FFT Spectrum Analyzer;
  • hermetically sealed body.

from 662 USD

Acoustic emission transducer is a key element of non-destructive acoustic emission testing. Transducers GT 301 are used for technical diagnostics by means of passive ultrasound.


of acoustic emission transducer GT205

Technical spcifications
Type low-frequency
Amplifier without preamplifier
Electroacoustic transfer factor > 70 dB rev. 1 V/m/s
Working frequency 50 kHz
Bandwidth 40…100 kHz
Capacitance 400…500 pF
Insulation resistance > 100 MOhm
Temperature range −40…+150 °C
Housing material titanium alloy
Length of the integrated cable (determined upon Order placement) 0,5 m (standard)
Weight (without the cable) 45 g


of acoustic emission transducer GT205

Acoustic emission transducer GT205 converts acoustic signal into electrical signal, parameters of which are used for acoustic emission source evaluation.

Connection: via amplifier GT200A or ZET 440 to FFT Spectrum Analyzer A19-U2.

Schematic diagram of acoustic emission sensor


Acoustic emission transducer and measuring module ZET 7140-E AcousticEmisson-CAN form a digital acoustic emission sensor, which enables measurement of acoustic emission parameters and data transfer via CAN interface. It is also possible to transfer the data via radio-channel.

Scheme for connecting an acoustic emission transducer GT200

Connection to PC: via USB, Ethernet, GSM, radiochannel:

Scheme for connecting an acoustic emission transducer

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