Interface converter ZET 7177

  • Data transfer to PC via GSM
  • Interface conversion CAN 2.0 → GSM
  • Data transfer via main and backup channels
  • 2G and 3G network compatibility

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of Interface converter ZET 7177

Interface converter CAN 2.0 → GSM
Data transmission standard 2G, 3G
SIM-card slot Micro-SIM
Data interface CAN 2.0
Number of digital transducers connected at a time 32
Power supply of ZETSENSOR modules connected external
Total frequency of thread-specific data for all nodes up to 600 sample/s
Dimensions 87×50×24 mm
Weight 35 g
Device power 9 to 24 V
Current consumption at 12 V voltage up to 100 mA
Operation temperature range -30 to +55 °C

    Standard: laboratory version in plastic casing (green).
    OEM: compound-coated plate.
    Industrial*: standard version module placed in sealed casing (with transparent cover).


of Interface converter ZET 7177

ZET 7177 CAN→GSM interface converter can be used under conditions when there is no access to a regular connection over Ethernet, or when you need to provide a redundant channel in case of Ethernet fouling.

For work, you need SIM card (MicroSIM) with Internet access, and Internet server (PC with external IP-address, accessible for connection over the Internet). ZETLAB software must be run on Internet server; which is to accept incoming connections from Interface converter ZET 7177.

Interface converter ZET 7177 collects data from transducers connected to CAN bus, and transmits them to Internet server over 3G network. Data transmittance is conducted in real time mode. ZETLAB software is provided with functionality, which allows collecting, displaying and analyzing the data received.

ZET 7177 interface converter uses 3G network only for Internet connection. Voice calls, SMS and MMS messaging are not involved.

The sensors can be mounted on the controlled object or placed inside of the electrical cabinet together with the interface modules used for data communication purposes.  Electrical cabinets by ZETLAB Company are more compact than the currently available analogs. ZETSENSOR modules are easy to install and have signal transfer indication (which is convenient for the in-place system diagnostics).

Required components



of Interface converter ZET 7177


SMA port
for GSM-antenna

Interface converter side of connector connection

Communications network connection

Designation of connector pin-outs for CAN line connection

Contact Designation Colour code
1 +(9…24) V Orange
2 CAN 2.0 line “H” Blue
3 CAN 2.0 line “L” White-blue
4 GND White-orange


of Interface converter ZET 7177


Several ZET 7177 modules can be connected at a time in single CAN network. This enables enhancing the reliability of data transmission in case of troubles with mobile connection quality or with access to Internet server. For instance, you can arrange several parallel connections to various Internet servers or with SIM-cards of various operators.


for Interface converter ZET 7177

Configuring SIM-card

SIM-card is not included into delivery scope, so you have to purchase it separately, or use the one you already have.

The module can work with SIM-card of any Russian cellular operator. The module uses the card for Internet access only; it involves no other services (voice calls, SMS or MMS messaging).

Each operator has his own parameters for Internet access: name of the access point (APN), username and password. You can enquire these parameters from the operator, by telephone or at the company website.

Requirements for the prepaid traffic per month depend on the total time of module connection to an Internet server, and the sum frequency of data output for all transducers. For instance, with module full-time connection and 200 Hz sum frequency, traffic is not more than 3 GB a month, and with 500 Hz sum frequency — 8 GB maximum.

Adjusting Internet server

Any IPv4 external address PC operating under Windows Vista OS or higher can be used Internet server.

As the PC must be accessible for connection over Internet, it is recommended to preliminary configure network display (firewall) to protect PC against external network attacks. The module is connected to Internet server using TCP/IPv4 protocol, so to run module you just have to permit incoming connections to TCP port with number 7176.

Also, ZETLAB software must be installed on PC, ZETKey must be inserted in USB slot, it is supplied with module to activate Internet server function in ZETLAB software.

Only one module can be connected to one Internet server at a time. Several servers can be used in a  standby mode.

Adjusting module

The module and the measuring transducers are adjusted only locally, using CAN wizard. Remote configuration of settings over Internet server is prohibited for safety purposes.

The following data must be input in module parameters:

  • Internet server connection mode: permit or prohibit;
  • Internet access parameters for the SIM-card used: name of the access point (APN), username and password (if any);
  • TCP port number for connection to Internet server: 7176;
  • Internet servers’ parameters: one or more IPv4 addresses.

When more than one IPv4 address is specified in parameters, the module will try connecting each of defined addresses in turn, until the connection is set over one of them.


Parameters of ZET 7177 interface converter (APN of cellular operator, Internet server IP address and so on) are configured locally, using ZET 7174 or ZET 7176 interface converter.


of ZET 7177 interface converters

Interface converter ZET 7177 mini cover

ZET 7177 interface converter supply package includes the following:

  • Interface converter ZET 7177;
  • GSM aerial;
  • package of documents.

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Recording and playback facilities
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