Installing Digital Sensors On Measuring Line

Procedure of Installing ZETSENSOR on Measuring Line

  1. Configure terminal resistances at cable line ends.

Note: in case of making cable lines with T-connector 36×25 mm (А 03-3), configure terminal resistance by installation of a jumper on the last T-connection of the cable line.

  1. Connect interface converters and voltage converters at the beginning of each cable line.
  2. Connect interface converters with suitable cables to computer which will be used to work with digital sensors, and connect voltage converters to 220 V 50 Hz mains.
  3. Turn on the computer and wait until the operating system starts. Then start ZETLAB software, open ZET Device Manager and make sure that identifiers of connected interface converters are displayed in the window.
  4. Connect one digital sensor to the cable line at its installation place, power off this cable line’s voltage converter until the digital sensor is connected.
  5. Power on the cable line and make sure that the identifier of the connected digital sensor is displayed in ZET Device Manager window.

Note: time from powering on digital sensors till display of respective identifiers in ZET Device Manager window should not exceed 2 minutes.

7. To check the channels operation, start ZETSERVER Time application  from the Service menu of ZETLAB panel (see Figure 1), and check whether time counters values are evenly changed for each of the digital sensor channels in ZETSERVER Time window (Figure 2).

Инсталляция цифровых датчиков на измерительную линию

Figure 1

Инсталляция цифровых датчиков на измерительную линию

Figure 2

8. Without disconnecting the digital sensor installed on the line, one by one add more digital sensors on the measurement line, as described in the steps 5 – 8.