ZET 017-U2 FFT spectrum analyzer

  • Dynamic range 80 dB
  • Frequency range up to 20 kHz
  • Integrated generator

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of ZET 017-U2 FFT spectrum analyzer

Technical specifications
Analog input (ADC)
Number of analog inputs for voltage and IEPE 2
Frequency ranges of simultaneously analyzed channels DC…2, DC…20, DC…200, DC…2 000, DC…20 000 Hz
Signal antialias filter up to 50 kHz
LPF filters –  Butterworth filters 120 dB/octave 50 Hz, 500 Hz, 5 kHz, 50 kHz
Filters with frequency correction – compliance with  IEC 61672-1:2002 A, B, C, D for 1 class precision noise meters
Maximum input voltage at a unity gain ±10 V
Programmable gains 1, 10, 100
Input impedance 100 kOhm
Analog outputs 1
Range of frequencies of generated sinusoidal signal 0,03…25 000 Hz
Output impedance 50 Ohm
Maximum output current 20 mA
DAC bits 18
Maximum output voltage ±10 V
Digital input 8 bit
Digital output 8 bit
Type of digital input/output logic TTL
Metrological performance
Analog input (ADC)
Dynamic range 80 dB
Bandwidth channel similarity 0,1 %
Interchannel phase difference 1° per 10 kHz
Intrinsic noise rate throughout the bandwidth at maximum gain scaled to input 1 µV
Analog output (DAC)
Maximal tolerable relative error of frequency setting for 3…200,000 Hz range ±0,1 %
Maximal permissible relative error of frequency setting for 0.03…3 Hz range ±10 %
Tolerance limits of direct and alternating output voltage setting ±(0,2 % + 2 mV)
Harmonic distortion factor of generated sinusoidal signal 0,1 %
Operating performance
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 35 mm
Weight 1 kg
Supported sensor types ICP (IEPE), DeltaTron, ISOTRON
Synchronization with other signal analyzers yes
Non-volatile storage (flash drive)* up to 8 Gb
Sampling frequency of flash drive write on the channel* 50 kHz
Flash drive write time on all channels at maximum frequency* 43,2 hrs
Transmission speed via HighSpeed USB 2.0 bus 480 Mbps
Transmission speed via Ethernet bus* 100 Mbps

* Option


This Product by ZETLAB Company has EU-type examination Certificate


of ZET 017-U2 FFT spectrum analyzer


of sound signal range measuring and analysis


IEC 61260 Compliance


with pre-set parameters (sinus, impulse, random)


for connecting sensor with integrated electronics


of operation

Light weight and compact dimensions

enable use of the FFT spectrum analyzer in areas with difficult access

Application scope

of ZET 017-U2 FFT spectrum analyzer

ZET 017-U2 FFT spectrum analyzer allows you to use several software programs for signal analysis and displaying simultaneously. This allows you to establish various kits for measuring tests, technological processes control and monitoring.

Joint application of several programs enables performing tests in transient mode.

FFT spectrum analyzer ZET 017-U2 is used for vibration and acoustic measurements, constant monitoring, mechanisms diagnostics, test equipment control, technological processes parameters control, automation of inspection and acceptance tests as well as for other types of applications.

Various hardware versions of FFT spectrum analyzers (portable, industrial, underwater, etc.) and PC connection interface allow you to use the Dynamic signal analyzer in stationary, mobile, independent, industrial, distributed and dynamic systems in various environments.

Basic functions

of ZET 017-U2 FFT spectrum analyzer


filtration, formulas, regulators

Data register

data register and display


data exchange via Ethernet and Internet networks


settings and service software


of ZET 017-U2 FFT spectrum analyzer

FFT spectrum analyzer delivery scope includes the following items:

  • ZET 017-U2 FFT spectrum analyzer,
  • power supply module, cable USB 2.0, cable BNC-BNC, cable Ethernet,
  • plug 50 Ohm,
  • option “synchronization by PTP 1588 interface”,
  • option “Ethernet 10/100 interface”,
  • option “ZETLab Studio development tool”,
  • CD with  ZETLAB ANALIZ Software,
  • user manual, operator’s manual,
  • case for storage and transportation.
Basic configuration of the spectrum analyzer ZET 017 U2

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