Actual resonator

Signals filtration program

The program Signals filtration allows to set the resonance with a frequency and damping rate determined by the user.

Resonance buildup in the program Signals filtration is performed by means of an oscillating link. The oscillating link is the second-order link. As the oscillating link receives stepwise disturbance at the input, the output value approaches the new stabilized value and produces damped oscillations.

The equation of oscillating link movement is as follows:
колебательное звено

The figure below shows the diagram of oscillating link frequency response characteristic:

АЧХ резонатора

А(ω) has the maximum value that complies with resonance conditions. The resonance frequency can be calculated by the equation,formula-1 as:


Any RLC circuit may be considered as an example of the oscillating element.

The figures below show an example of resonance buildup in the program Signals filtration.

Фильтрация сигналов. Профиль резонанса
“Signals filtration” program window: resonance parameters

Многоканальный осциллограф. Реальный сигнал и фильтрация действительный резонанс
“Multichannel oscilloscope” program window: the source signal and the signal, which has been processed by the filter (sweep time: 1 s)