ZETLAB Software update

dt 28.02.2020

New ZETLAB Software update (program release) of February 28-th, 2020.

This software update includes the following improvements:

ZETLAB Software update of February 2020

ZETLAB software update of February 2020 - VCS control panel

Further modernization of ZETLAB VIBRO Software package is under way. The improvements are to deal with the programs from the basic software scope:

«Classical shock» – updated version of the program used for vibration testing performance in compliance with IEC 60068-2-27-2008 «Shock».

«Harmonic vibration»  and «Broadband random vibration» are the new versions of basic programs and the programs used for editing the profile. Now these programs have the functions of vibration testing control, which makes it easier to create and to edit the profile!

We have also developed a new program “Shaker system certification”, which is included into the scope of electrodynamic shakers certification system. Improved software allows to implement all stages of certification procedure in automated mode, including even most labour-intensive operations. Thus, the updated software allows to increase efficiency of certification process as well as to reduce the possibility of errors occurrence.

The program “Cross-spectrum FFT analysis” now has even more functions available for the user. After this software update, the functions of the program allow to calculate the parameters of mechanical vibration and various ratios relating to mechanical movements of the controlled parts and structures. We have also added the function of displaying the oscillations shapes and options, allowing to calculate the complex resonances of the structures. In order to simplify the normalization of vibration and noise parameters of machinery units based on signal spectra, we have implemented measurement data representation in 1/3-octave format.

The modernization has been also applied to the programs “Spectral analysis of octave band” and “Narrow-band spectrum”. New version of the software now supports program operation in a group mode.

ZETLAB software update of February 2020 - Signal analysis section

ZETLAB software update of February 2020 - Service section

  • Programs from the Service section

With each software release, we do our utmost in order to simplify the use of software for our customers. This release is not going to be an exception from the rule!

The program “Device manager” now allows to add coordinates and comments to each connected data channel. In addition to that, we have also implemented the function of setting the sensitivity value of the connected transducers in multiple and fractional measurement units, which allows to reduce the time required for calculation of the relevant parameters.

In the case, if  module ZET 7175 is connected to the network, the program “Time ZETServer” now allows to determine its location with geo-tagging on the map.

The program “Signals recording” now separates the active devices in the display window, and its communication protocols are now compatible with diagnostics channels of the digital transducers of ZETSESOR series.

SCADA-system ZETVIEW now has a new “ModBus” component, allowing to connect and use instruments operating in modbus protocol.

In addition to that, the components “Cross-correlation analysis”, “Spectral analysis of the octave band” and “Narrow-band spectrum” (see the “Signal analysis” tab) now allow to configure their operational parameters at the stage of project deployment with the use of the relevant parameters window.

Besides, our updated software includes a wide range of new functions and improvements, which are sure to simplify operation of ZETLAB software and hardware for the end-user.