By eye estimation of vibration displacement

For the purpose of approximate visual vibration displacement evaluation at low frequencies (below 16 Hz) one can use a step wedge with two curves forming an acute angle.

The essence of the method is the interpolation of the curves during vibration tests performance. At the frame frequency over 16 Hz, visual perception of separate frames becomes impossible – one can see only stable movement. Besides, human vision allows to detect only the extreme positions of the shaker table, since at this moment the displacement speed is almost equal to zero value. Points of the curves located at the distance equal to double value of the displacement will periodically interpolate in the extreme positions of the vibration table, thus forming a clear picture against a fuzzy background.

Visual evaluation of the vibration displacement level - approximate vibration displacement of 1 mm

The picture was taken during ВС-112 accelerometer test by means of its comparative measurement with a reference vibration sensor (АР10) on a shaker of ВС-133 type. Integrated generator of FFT spectrum analyzer ZET 017 was used for power supply to the shaker system. Vibration displacement value has also been controlled by “Vibration meter” Software application.

Sinusoidal vibration: visual evaluation of the vibration displacement level - system components