Options for ZET 452 2013 year

The control bench for the parameters of electrical circuits is designed to measure the electrical resistance and electrical resistance of the insulation of the tested products. The measurements are carried out automatically in a matter of minutes.

Control of cable products

The control bench for the parameters of electrical circuits is used for continuous monitoring of cable products during acceptance, delivery, periodic and other types of tests. The device for monitoring electrical circuits is also often included in more complex test benches intended for testing devices with a large number of electrical circuits and provides verification for the items “monitoring insulation resistance of electrically isolated circuits” and “monitoring the values ​​of resistances of electrically connected circuits.”

Monitoring of cable networks

To test cable networks, a modular system is created, consisting of several functional nodes, the number of which is determined by the number of points to be checked. The automated control system of the cable network makes it possible to check the cable network for compliance with the circuit diagram and the table of electrical connections, to identify connections jumps, breaks, short-circuit to the case, violation of the insulation resistance of wires, the presence of unused wires.