ZET 7152-N-VER.3 seismograph

Seismograph ZET 7152-N-VER.3 is a brand-new product developed by ZETLAB Company.
Two integrated sensors (ZET 7152-N and ZET 7156) allow to use the seismograph both as a vibration meter and as a seismic meter. Main advantages of ZET 7152-N-VER.3 are as follows:

  • Two sensors with various amplitude and dynamic range for precise simultaneous measurements of weak and strong signals in wide dynamic range;
  • In-place calibration by means of resonance testing (ISO 16063-32:2016) and acceleration of gravity (ISO 16063-42:2014);
  • Possibility of using additional external sensors;
  • User-friendly control panel;
  • Various interface versions: off-line recording up to 18 hours (standard), LAN interface (standard), GSM interface (option);
  • High data transfer speed.

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of ZET 7152-VER.3 seismograph

Integrated transducers specifications
Type of seismic receiver ZET 7152-N
ZET 7156
Number of axes 3 for ZET 7152-N
3 for ZET 7156
Frequency range 0,3…400 Hz
Max. registered signal ± 80 m/s2 (ZET 7152-N)
up to 20 mm/s (ZET 7156)
Noise level 0,003 m/s2 (ZET 7152-N)
0,001 mm/s (ZET 7156)
Measuring channels specifications
Amount of measuring channels 6 measuring
2 diagnostic
Sampling frequency by channels 30, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 Hz (ZET 7152-N)
1, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 Hz (ZET 7156)
Dynamic range 144 dB
Exchange speed via HighSpeed USB 2.0 480 Mbps
Exchange speed via Ethernet 100 Mbps
Integrated electrical excitation system of sensing elements with actuator for all measuring channels in accordance with ISO 16063-32: 2016
Integrated seismic receiver power control Yes
Synchronization parameters
Synchronization source of the registered signals GPS or PTP (IEEE1588)
GPS synchronization accuracy 3 µs
PTP synchronization accuracy 10 µs
GPS module activation time from 2 up to 15 min
GPS mode activation time yes
Standalone mode
Offline mode operation time, min 18 hrs
Integrated non-volatile memory volume up to 32 Gb
Time of data recording to 32 Gb SD-card by 4 channels at 500 Hz sampling frequency over 1000 hrs
Reading rate from SD-card (via USB) >10 Mbps
General specifications
Power supply voltage 16-27 V
Consumed power 4 W
Recorded data format ANA/ANP
conversion into CSV and SEG-Y by means of ZETLAB software
Dust and water resistance rating IP68
Average lifetime 10 years
Weight, max 4 kg
Dimensions, max 260 × ∅160 mm
Operating temperature range −10…+50 °C

Functions and design

of ZET 7152-N-VER.3 seismograph

ZET 7152-N-VER.3 – is an offline wide-band triaxial seismograph with a wide dynamic range designed for monitoring of ground surface movement, local networks, temporary installations, structural health monitoring and seismic research performance.

The seismograph is represented by triaxial digital accelerometer ZET 7152-N and a triaxial seismic sensor ZET 7156 placed into a leak-proof casing.

The seismographs can operate via Ethernet network or via GSM network – in this case, the data transfer to Internet server is performed via 3G network in real time mode (this function is optional).

Synchronization of several seismographs within a single measuring network is performed via GPS or PTP (IEEE1588). Synchronization module ZET 7175 provides time synchronization of devices based on navigation satellites signals. GPS synchronization is of primary importance – it starts automatically as GPS-module detects satellites.

PTP synchronization (IEEE1588) is set in manual mode from operator’s PC. The main factor of this type of synchronization is the availability of “synchronization wizard”.

The picture to the right shows intrinsic noise graphs of seismograph ZET 7152-N-VER.3, seismic recorder ZET 048-C-VER.1 with an integrated receiver BC 1313 and seismic recorder ZET 048-C-VER.3 with an integrated seismometer CME 4211 in comparison with standard average microseism characteristics (by Peterson).

From the graphs, it follows that at low operating frequencies the noise level of ZET 7152-N-VER.3 is considerably above the minimal natural level. At medium and high frequencies the intrinsic noise level is approximately equal to the average natural level.
It is noteworthy that the minimal level of natural microseisms can be observed only in certain areas of the Earth under exceptional circumstances (i.e. in the absence of natural and man-made interferences). That is exactly why noise and dynamic characteristics of the seismograph ZET 7152-N-VER.3 are suitable for detecting most of weak local, average and strong remote earthquakes, average microseisms and industrial vibration.

Intrinsic noise: comparative graphs

Basic configuration

of ZET 7152-N-VER.3 seismographs

Basic equipment ZET 7152-N-VER.3

Basic delivery scope includes:

  • ZET 7152-N-VER.3 seismograph
  • GPS-aerial
  • charging device (19 V)
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • SD-card 32 Mb (integrated into seismograph)
  • ZETKey with ZETLAB SEISMO software
  • set of operational documentation

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