Measuring frequency response in logarithmic scale

measuring constant values

The software Log. frequency response measurement (with external generator AC) is used for FR characteristics evaluation of the signal constant component value. It is possible to perform measurements by 8 channels simultaneously.

In order to reproduce the tested signal (sine signal with smoothly changing frequency) there is used an integrated generator of the FFT spectrum analyzer. This signal is forwarded to the controlled device input or to the testing products input (depending on the measuring scheme). The signals to be tested are connected to the FFT spectrum analyzer input channels. Signals parameters measurement is performed by means of DC voltmeter. The diagram represents FR characteristics in absolute or relative units.

Снятие АЧХ в логарифмическом масштабе (измерение постоянного значения)

Programs for FR measurements are included into ZETLAB VIBRO Software set which is delivered together with ZET 017-U vibration controller

In order to perform the test, the operator has to set testing signal parameters: initial and final frequency of the generated signal, signal level (RMS) and frequency change speed as well as to set the measuring channels. In order to perform relative measurements it is necessary to select reference channel. The program Measuring frequency response in logarithmic scale (measuring constant values) allows to choose data averaging time as well as linear / logarithmic results representation in Y axis.

In the course of measurements performance the Measuring frequency response in logarithmic scale (measuring constant values) program depicts oscillograph charts of measuring and reference channels, current frequency and the remaining time of measurements process.

Measurements results are saved in .dtu file (using Results view program it is possible to view the file in graphical and digital format).

The program Measuring frequency response in logarithmic scale (measuring constant values) is a SCADA-project. For program operation one have to install  SCADA ZETVIEW software.