Multichannel vibration control systems

ZET 017-U

Multichannel Vibration Control Systems (VCS) manufactured by ZETLAB are represented by flexible hardware and software complexes, that are used for a wide range of testing and research activities. Depending on your particular requirements and tasks, it is possible to select a particular vibration control system that perfectly suits your needs. A wide range of task-specific software programs will assist you during test and research activities.

Depending on the particular specimen to be tested by the Vibration Control System (VCS) and applicable requirements, it is possible to select suitable program from ZETLAB Software range. The software used together with vibration control system allows to reproduce definite type of vibration and shock impacts of various amplitude and degree as well as to set duration of test impact and other parameters.  VCS includes: vibration system (shaker), primary transducer, FFT spectrum analyzer performing generator and voltmeter functions, task-specific software package ZETLAB vibration control system.

Multichannel vibration control systems ZET 017-U are represented by software and hardware complex based of FFT spectrum analyzer ZET 017 and  ZETLAB VIBRO software for vibration and shock control at the electrodynamic and hydraulic vibration generators (shakers). Modular principle of system arrangement allows to increase the measurement channels amount from 4 up to 24.

Multichannel vibration control systems (hereinafter also referred to as VCS) are used for automated vibrational tests performance in accordance with the pre-set parameters depending on particular test requirements.

Below you can find a lot of information regarding vibration tests theoretical aspects, tips on selection of particular vibration control system, as well as a detailed description of software and hardware functions and operational characteristics.

Software for tests perfomance

Multichannel vibration control systems ZET 017-U is a multi-purpose systems enabling ultimate characteristics, reliable and stable perfomance.

Maximal efficiency of tests perfomance is achieved with minimal involvement of an operator!

Assistance required?

Do you have any difficulties in choice and use of shaker system, tests perfomance or any questions relating to the ZET 017-U functions?

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for various vibration types impacts