Oscillograph ZET 302

  • Frequency passband up to 20 MHz
  • Input channels number: 2
  • Effective frequency up to 500 MS/s

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of USB oscillograph ZET 302

Analog input
Number of input channels 2
Conversion frequency up to 50 MHz
Sampling frequency up to 500 MS/s
Frequency passband 0..20 MHz
ADC digits number 8
Dynamic range 84 dB
Max input voltage ±50 V
Input impedance 1 MOhm
Inputs protection (power on) ±200 V
Cross-channel interference* -50 dB
Input capacity 20 pF
Communication at the input AC / DC
Supported probe attenuation ratios 1X, 10X
Data recording
Data recording mode sampling, peak detection, averaging
Number of averages in averaging mode 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
Signals interpolation linear, sin(x)/x
Range V/div 2 mV/div- 5 V/div
10 ns/div- 50 s/div
Synchronization types by rise / by fall
Synchronization source channel 1, channel 2
Synchronization modes** automated, normal
Synchronization delay up to 50% of the displayed interval
Operational characteristics
Dimensions 115x180x35 mm
Weight 0,4 kg
Consumed power 5 W
Power supply +5 V

* Is measured at equal values of V/div and input communication.
** In normal mode of operation the data acquisition process starts only if synchronization requirements are met.


of USB oscillographs ZET 302

Cost-effective solution

for new discoveries

Compact dimensions

Oscillograph does not take much room at the desktop

User convenience

Work panel with user-friendly interface


of USB oscillograph ZET 302

Digital USB oscillograph ZET 302 is used for high-frequency signals control in the range up to 20 MHz. Implementation of 50 MHz ADC converter along with equivalent sampling mode use allows to increase effective frequency up to 500 MS/s.

The work is performed via task-oriented programming environment ZETSCOPE, which emulates the use of desktop oscillograph. Mathematical processing of signals allows to control the signal spectrum as well as to evaluate signal parameters: average value, RMS value, crest factor value, full range, signal frequency, period time. Additional vertical and horizontal axes simplify the process of measuring signal’s individual parameters, such as rise and fall time.

Major functions

of USB oscillograph ZET 302


of up to 20 parameters of the electrical signal

Cursor measurements

finding cursors coordinates


of processing results to a file


of signals’ mathematical processing

Visual representation

viewing signals forms and spectra


parallel data acquisition process

Structural scheme

of USB oscillograph ZET 302

Two independent inputs are connected to controlling amplifiers. The amplifiers forward the signal to the two-channel ADC.

Digital signal processor reads the digitized data from the ADC and saves it to the integrated memory for its subsequent transfer to the USB controller.

Schematic diagram of the oscilloscope

Operating principles

of USB oscillograph ZET 302

ZETSCOPE Software with user-friendly interface enables use of all the functions implemented in Oscillograph ZET 302.

Virtual control panel provides quick access to the most important and often used functions.

Basic delivery scope

of USB oscillograph ZET 302

Oscilloscope basic equipment

Oscillograph ZET 302 delivery scope includes:

  • Oscillograph ZET 302
  • HighSpeed USB 2.0 cable
  • 220 V adapter for oscillograph power supply
  • pins for connecting to the oscillograph
  • CD with ZETSCOPE software
  • set of operational documentation

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