Vibration controller (VCS) ZET 024

  • software and hardware suite based on 4-channels data acquisition system;
  • the system enables implementation of a wide range of vibration tests with the use of electrodynamic shaker systems;
  • it is possible to increase the number of input channels by adding additional data  acquisition modules to the system;
  • PTP synchronization of several modules;
  • compatibility with transducers with TEDS interface;
  • task-specific software allows to conduct testing of the system and provides recommendations in terms of implementation of a particular profile.

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of vibration testing control system ZET 024

Technical specifications 
Frequency range 0,01 Hz… 35 kHz
Dynamic range 130 dB
Number of measurement channels (feedback channels) 4
Number of control channels from 1 up to 3*
Non-linear distortions ratio measurement range in the frequency limit of the first harmonic from 20 Hz up to 12 500 Hz with calculation of higher harmonics up to 25 kHz (max. 8 harmonics at the sampling frequency of 50 Hz). from 0,01 up to 90 %
Limit of absolute error of non-linear distortions ratio Kn ±(0,1Kn+0,03)
PC connection interface Ethernet
Sinusoidal vibration (Sine)
Control signal dynamic range 105 dB
Frequency range of simultaneously analyzed signals from 3 up to 10000 Hz
Measurement cycle duration 100 ms
Frequency measurement error max 0,1%
Acceleration measurement error max 0,5 dB
Frequency sweep speed (lin.) up to 600 Hz/min
Frequency sweep speed (log.) up to 10 oct./min
Maintenance precision at resonance Q-factor (anti-resonance) less than 100 ±3 dB
Maintenance precision at the Q-factor less than 250 ±6 dB
Signal change speed max. 30 dB/s
Control methods By a single channel
Average by several channels
Max. by several channels
Measurement methods Amplitude
Broadband random vibration (Random)
Dynamic range of the control signal 80 dB
Frequency range of simultaneously analyzed signal 3 – 20000 Hz
Measurement cycle duration 1 s
Frequency resolution 6 – 0,3 Hz
Maintenance accuracy ±3 dB
Control methods By a single channel
Average by several channels
Max. by several channels
Classical shock (Shock)
Shock duration 0,1 – 30 ms
Shock frequency 1 – 120 shocks per minute
Number of shocks 1 – 100 000
Shock amplitude deviation max. 5%
Shock duration deviation max. 5%
Shock pulse types Sine
Vibrational shock 
Shock duration 10 ms –  4 s
Shocks frequency 15 – 1200 shocks per minute
Number of shocks 1 – 100 000
Other functions
Additional operation modes Resonance search, track and dwell (RSTD)
Gunfire impact imitation
Synthesized pulse with pre-set parameters of the shock response spectrum (SRS)
Transient time history (TTH)
Field data replication (FDR)
Fatigue damage spectrum (FDS)
Kurtosis control (Kurtosion)
Band-pass filter
Acceleration dispersion diagram
Combined operation modes Sine-on-Random
Operational specifications 
Power supply network frequency 49,5 – 50,5 Hz
Power supply voltage 100 – 240 V
Consumed power max. 8 W
Dimensions (l×w×h), max. 280×200×35 mm
Weight, max. 1 kg

*Depending on the number of connected and synchronized modules


of vibration testing control system ZET 024

Shaker controller (VCS) ZET 024 is a software and hardware suite based on multi-channel data acquisition system used for receiving, amplification and conversion of the analog signal received from the vibration transducers (the transducers are not included into delivery scope), power supply of the shaker power amplifier, recording of the current parameters of the testing process and adjustment of the control signal via the feedback system. The system conducts spectral analysis with the use of FFT and IIR.

Task-specific ZETLAB software is used for control of ZET 024 operation modes and recording of the measurement parameters. Information of the vibration parameters is displayed at the external devices in user-friendly format. ZETLAB Software allows to solve a variety of tasks related to the vibration testing control (e.g., selection of the reference transducer based on the analysis of statistical characteristics), thus, considerably simplifying the work process for an operator.

Shaker controller (VCS) ZET 024 is used together with vibration testing systems for control of the testing process in the following basic modes:

  • sinusoidal vibration with constant frequency or frequency sweep (Sine)
  • resonance search, track and dwell (RSTD)
  • broad-band random vibration with controlled shape of the spectrum (Random)
  • classical shock (Shock)
  • gunfire impact imitation
  • synthesized pulse with a set shock response spectrum (SRS)
  • transient time history (TTH)
  • field data replication mode (FDR)
  • fatigue damage spectrum (FDS)
  • kurtosis control (Kurtosion)

The system also supports operation in the combined loads mode:

  • Sine-on-Random
  • Random-on-Random
  • Sine-on-Sine
  • Sine-and-Random-on-Random

The systems of ZET 02X series can be used together with shaker systems for primary certification and periodical verification, as well as for a variety of additional testing types in compliance with the applicable technical requirements.

Programs for tests performance

with the use of vibration testing control system ZET 024

Basic delivery scope

of vibration testing control system ZET 024


Basic delivery scope includes:

  • Multi-channel data acquisition system ZET 024;
  • Power supply module;
  • Ethernet cable;
  • 2 × BNC-BNC cables: 1.8 and 5 m;
  • Plug 50 Ohm;
  • T-adapter, BNC connector – 2 × BNC sockets;
  • Sensor insulation kit;
  • Grounding jumper;
  • ZETLAB VIBRO Software on a flash drive;
  • Set of operational documentation;
  • Carrying and storage case.

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