Upgrading the spectrum analyzer A17-U8 and A17-T8 strain gauges

There was another upgrade of the spectrum analyzer A17-U8 and A17-T8 strain gauges. Now it is possible to connect these devices to the PC via the Ethernet interface. This method of connection allows the creation of multi-channel distributed systems for the collection and processing of signals. For data transmission/reception, the standard TCP / IP protocol is used, the scalability of the system is ensured by connecting several analyzers to one computer. Synchronization of the analyzers is provided by the BNC-BNC signal cable or programmatically.

Also upgraded and software from the ZETLab. The program “Ordinal analysis” has been improved: the function of taking into account the kinematic parameters of the master and the driven shaft has been added, the ability to plot the pass-through characteristics by harmonics, 2D and 3D spectrograms, graphs in polar coordinates. A new program “Encoder” is designed to measure the movement, speed and speed of shafts using optical motion sensors and encoders. In the program “Multichannel Oscilloscope” the function is added to change the frequency of displaying the graphs, the synchronization function on the positive or negative edge.