Formula program

For user’s convenience Formula program contains a set of mathematical and physical constants.

ZETLAB Formula_constants_context menu

The table below lists the values of the constants:

Menu item Display in formula line Name Value Meas. unit
Server time (time) server time ZET-server time s
Start time (starttime) Formula program start time s
Gravitational constant (g) gravitational constant 6,67×10-11 m³/(kg·s²)
Elementary charge (e) elementary charge 1,602×10-19 coulombs
Boltzmann constant (K) Boltzmann constant 1,380×10-23 J/K
Mass of the electron (me) electron mass 9,10938291(40)×10-31 kg
Mass of the proton (mp) proton mass 1,672621777(74)×10-27 kg
Mass of the neutron (mn) neutron mass 1,674927351(74)×10-27 kg
Velocity of light in vacuum (c) velocity of light in vacuum 299 792 458 m/s
Gas constant (R) gas constant 8,314 J/(K·mol)
Base of natural logarithm (exp) Euler constant 2,718…
pi pi character 3,14

The constants in formula line are displayed in angular brackets and are highlighted with purple color.

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