ВС 114 Velocimeter

  • Piezoelectric converter of signal proportinal to the vibration speed RMS;
  • standard current output signal 4…20 mА;
  • used within vibration diagnostics systems as a vibration speed transducer;
  • explosion-proof version.

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of ВС 114 velocimeters

Technical specifications
Frequency range 10…1000 Hz
Conversion ratio of vibration speed into current signal  4-20 mA 0,44 – 0,55 mA×s/mm
Relative transverse sensitivity < 5 %
Measured RMS range 0,1…30 mm/s
Intrinsic noise – RMS < 0,05 mm/s
Maximum vibration acceleration (peak value) 50 m/s2
Temperature range −40…+85 °С
Power voltage 9…36 V
Current loop impedance 0…250 Ohm
Casing material stainless steel
Cable (standard length) integrated, flexible metal hose, 2 m
Weight (without cable) 70 g
Supplied accessories 3 screws M4

Connection schemes

of BC 114 velocimeters

The figure shows principal electrical scheme of ВС 114 velocimeters.

Электрическая принципиальная схема ВС 114

Integrated electrical amplifier enables conversion of the signal (proportional to the vibration speed RMS) from piezoelectric element to a standard current signal 4…20 mA.

Connection scheme of ВС 114 velocimeters
via power supply source

Схема подключения велосиметров ВС 114 к источнику питания

Connection scheme of ВС 114 velocimeters
to ZET 7X80-I digital modules

Схема подключения велосиметров ВС 114 к цифровым модулям ZET 7X80-I

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