Telemetering system ZET 7172

  • Integrated linear acceleration transducer
  • CAN 2.0 data interface
  • Speed of data exchange, kbps 100, 300, 1000

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of Telemetering system ZET 7172


Data interface CAN 2.0 → Radio channel → CAN 2.0
Line-of-sight working range 10 m
Maximum sum frequency of data transmission 600 Hz
Wired interface
Data transmitter/receiver interface CAN 2.0
Data exchange rate, Kbps 100, 300, 1,000
Radio channel interface
Exchange protocol IEEE 802.15.4
Radio band 2.4 GHz
Radiation power 1 mW


ZET 7172-M ZET 7172-S
Device power 9 to 24 V
Power consumption 1 W
Polarity reverse protection available
Dimensions 87×50×24 mm
Weight 35 g
Operation temperature range -40 to +100 °C


(IEC 61000-4-2), ESD contact 4 kV, air 8 kV
(IEC 61000-4-4), EFT power 0.5 kV, signal 0.25 kV
 (IEC 61000-4-5), Surge 500 V


ZET 7172-S timing accuracy as related to ZET 7172-M is 2 ms


of Telemetering system ZET 7172

ZET 7172 telemetering system is used to provide wireless access to the instrument line segment using radio channel.

Telemetering system includes two modules: ZET 7172-M and ZET 7172-S.
ZET 7172-S module is mounted proximal to measuring modules and functions as a data transmitter, converting the CAN interface into radio-channel. In turn, ZET 7172-M module receives data over the radiochannel and transduces it into CAN interface for further translation of measured information to PC, where it is further processed and analyzed. It functions as a receiver, installed proximal to interface converter.

Measured information is transferred only one way from ZET 7172-S transmitter to ZET 7172-M receiver, but service information is transmitted in both ways, which allows adjusting measuring modules proximal to ZET 7172-S transmitter.

ZET 7172-S module has an integrated linear accelerometer. This option is convenient when testing rotating constructions, as it permits to minimize the content of instrument system and provide wireless data transmission.

Module ZET 7172-S is mounted on the rotating element in such a way so that Z axis of the integrated transducer ZET 7152-N would be transverse to the rotation axis and Y axis would be aligned with the curve of the shaft. As the shaft is rotating, the transducer calculates the linear speed by Y axis. The number of rotations is calculated by means of ZETLAB Software programs.

The figure shows structural instrument communications net diagram based on digital transducers with wireless data transmission.

Distributed measuring network – data transmission by telemetry system

ZET 7172 telemetering system - distributed measuring system layout

Connection to CAN 2.0 wired interface is executed pursuant to the chart below.

Connection to a fragment of a measuring line outside the measuring line segment organized by radio channel

ZET 7172 - connection diagram 1

Connection to a fragment of a measuring line from the interface converter

ZET 7172 - connection diagram 2

The telemetering system ZET 7172 scope of delivery includes the following items:

  • ZET 7172-M module, ZET 7172-S;
  • measuring line connector ZET 7001;
  • storage battery, recharger – impedance – 120 Ohm;
  • DIN rail 300 mm;
  • DIN rail clipfix — 2 pcs;
  • DIN rail mounting plate;
  • Software CD;
  • package of documents.

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