ZETLAB TENZO —Software for strain-gauge stations

Software  ZETLAB TENZO is included into the delivery scope of  Strain Measurement Acquisition Module ZET 017-T8. This software and hardware kit allows you to start taking measurements immediately after device connection and installation of the software.

Software ZETLAB undergoes regular updates and improvements. All registered users receive the software updates free of charge. Software update procedure is described in the Clause  Software updates. Updates are available for downloading at our server.

Basic software for strain-gauge measuring systems

Taking measurements by means of bridge connection strain gauge schemes, force meters, torque sensors, displacement sensors and other primary transducers which can be connected to the Strain Measurement Data Acquisition Module ZET 017-T8 is conducted via the following Software:

  • Strain gauge — measuring stress-strain parameters depending on the sensor sensitivity or in accordance with a calibration chart.
  • Generator — sensor power supply with direct or alternating current.
  • Oscillograph — displaying of measurements results on a chart.
  • Data recorder — measurement parameters control.

Full list of ZETLAB TENZO Software