In order to export from Russia the complex technical equipment (as ZETLAB products) Russian legislation requires to execute the specialized customs documents to pass the customs control:

  • Invoice and Contract for the purchase of goods
  • Payment order, confirming payment for the exported goods
  • Packing list for a complete set of goods
  • Description and specifications of goods
  • Certificate of origin of goods
  • Identity conclusion of FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia)
  • FSTEC license (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia)

    The FSTEC license is executed for each delivery, regardless of whether this license was issued earlier for the supplied equipment.

  • Conclusion of the FSMTC of Russia on non-classification of goods as military products (Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia)
  • Export Control Commission (ECC) Approval
  • Cargo transportation documents (Airwaybill or other waybill)

Depending on the situation and the specific type of equipment, additional documents may be required by order of the customs service.

The above documents should be prepared by the Supplier or Buyer in authorities and the customs service. Since the execution of these documents is a very laborious, resource-intensive and time-consuming process, we use the services of “Cordely” custom company, which execute the required documents and carries out further delivery. But, according to the “Cordely” delivery rules,

delivery ONLY on terms: CIP, CPT or DAP in airport in your city (INCOTERMS-2010)

CIP, CPT or DAP terms in general mean that the goods will be delivered to airport of your city and will be awaiting in airport custom service a representative of your organization for customs clearance and receipt.

Delivery by other transport/courier companies (DHL, UPS, PONY EXPRESS and etc.) or post office, unfortunately, is not possible, because all transport/courier companies and post do not execute such documents, besides, will not accept such equipment for the delivery without documents above. Moreover, the delivery containing such equipment without custom documents will definitely not pass the customs control, neither it will be delivered to your country.

We apologize for these difficulties and will try to make the delivery of your equipment as fast as possible!