Mounting And Dismounting

of Accelerometers and Seismic Receivers

The accuracy of measurements depends on many factors, such as measurement techniques, accuracy of measuring equipment, selected measuring points, and mounting method. This section provides recommendations for mounting the vibration sensors and seismic receivers.

Based on the method of mounting on the analyzed object, there are the following types of transducers:

  • with threaded hole for mounting stud BC 110, BC 111, BC 201, BC 202; since these sensors are small, they can also be secured with mastic or glue;
  • with rectangular magnets for attaching to pipes of any diameter BC 120-SM, BC 131; can be mounted on solidifying compound;
  • with flange with screw holes BC 1313; intermediate material or pins are often used for securing in soft soil.

Mounting and Dismounting of Sensors

When installing the sensors on a threaded stud, the deviation from perpendicularity of threaded hole against the mounting surface shall not exceed 0.1 mm. The roughness of the tested object’s surface must be no worse than Ra 3.2, and nonflatness – no more than 0.05 mm.

For research at over 10 kHz frequencies, apply a fluid lubricant onto the contact surface.

Mount and dismount the sensors with mounting hole for M5 stud only manually without any tools.

Attach the sensor cable to the analyzed object in immediate proximity to it using a staple, duct tape, mastic, or any other means. When dismounting a sensor attached to an object, shear it with scalpel under the base instead of applying lateral impact.

Recommended Mounting Techniques Depending on Analysis Frequency

Mounting Technique Up to 100 Hz Up to 1,000 Hz Up to 5,000 Hz Up to 10,000 Hz Up to 20,000 Hz
Pin to the ground
On interstitial material to the ground
On mastic, magnets on a flat surface + +
On magnets with solidifying mastic + + +
On threaded stud + + + +
On threaded stud with lubricated contact surface + + + + +

Крепление акселерометров с помощью резьбовой шпильки
Mounting accelerometers with a threaded stud

Installing sensors on pipes with the use of magnets
Installing seismic sensor on pipes

Установка сейсмоприёмников на промежуточную массу с помощью винтов
Installing seismic sensors on interstitial material with screws

Scheme for mounting of the transducer
Installing seismic sensors to soft ground with pins