Log. distortion coefficient measurement

in logarithmic scale

The program Log. distortion coefficient measurement is used for non-linear distortion coefficient evaluation within the selected frequency range. The program is a SCADA-project which is delivered together with ZET 017-U vibration controller.

Снятие зависимости КНИ от частоты в логарифмическом масштабе

Programs for FR measurements are included into ZETLAB VIBRO Software set which is delivered together with ZET 017-U vibration controller

At the “Generator” output of the vibration controller system (VCS) there is formed a sinusoidal signal with a set amplitude value. Signal frequency is changing within the set speed in logarithmic scale. Generator’s signal is forwarded to the measuring unit input, thus, non-linear distortion analysis is performed. Measurements results are displayed as diagram of non-linear distortions ratio to frequency value. In addition to that during measurements performance the following parameters are displayed: generator’s signal diagram, current frequency, remaining measurements performance time.