Classical shock

Program from the scope of ZETLAB VIBRO software

The program Classical shock is intended for vibration testing performance in compliance with the applicable requirements specified in IEC 60068-2-27 (Environmental testing. Part 2: Tests. Test Ea and guidance: Shock).

The program Classical shock is inluded into ZETLAB VIBRO software package. The program is activated from VCS control power upon completion of the vibration testing parameters configuration:

Test profile is set in “Test profile editor” program, which can be started from the main window of the Classical shock program.

User-friendly interface of the shock profile editor allows to configure the basic parameters of the shock pulse:

  • primary parameter to be used for shock pulse generation: acceleration or dislacement;
  • required shape of the signal: half-sine, triangle, rectangle, saw-shape (peak in the beginning), saw-shape (peak in the end), trapezoidal shape, haversine;
  • required direction of the shock pulse: upwards or downwards.

In order to adjust velocity and displacement of the shaker system, you can set the parameters of pre- and post-pulses, as well as stabilize the displayed profile of the shock pulse.


The sequence of the reproduced shocks can be configured in the corresponding tab “Schedule” tab of the vibration testing profile profile editor available in the Classical shock program. In particular, it is possible to configure the number of shocks to be reproduced, repetition frequency, and the ratio of the current shock amplitude to the amplitude specified in the test profile.

Parameters of the vibrational tests suspension by control channels are available in the “Control” tab for the following parameters:

  • maximal deviation from the set profile;
  • admissible deviation from the set profile;
  • change of the transmission ratio.

The vibration tests profile editor also has the following functions:

  • pre-view of the expected signal – estimated graphs of the shock spectrum in compliance with the set profile and based on the calculations during the pre-test;
  • resonances and anti-resonances by the channels – the function allows to estimate presence of the resonances and anti-resonances in the frequency response section in compliance with the statistical data obtained in the course of the pre-test;
  • parameters of vibration test constituent components – statistical information, allowing the user to evaluate current load of the shaker during vibration testing.

Tests performance

Bottom section of the Classical shock program window contains events log with the information concerning operation of the program.

The START key allows to initiate the vibration testing process.

The user can start or suspend recording of the electrical signals from the currently used channels of the shaker controller (VCS) by means of RECORDING key.

During test performance, it is possible to control dynamics of the tested specimen in real time mode at the mounting point of the control channel. In order to do it, activate the option “Additional graphs“.

Supported equipment

The program intended for generation of the “Classical shock” inpact is included into the basic scope of ZETLAB VIBRO Software, which is included into delivery scope of the shaker controllers.