ZET Arrow

Buildings and structures diagnostics system

ZET Arrow is a system for buildings and structures monitoring in accordance with the requirements of Emergency Ministry of the Russian Federation. It is used for evaluation of bearing structures technical condition and timely warning of collapse failure.

ZET Arrow is a combination of software and hardware tools enabling recording and further processing of bearing structures dynamic characteristics with the possibility of further visual representation of the results obtained (i.e. charts with threshold values).

ZET Arrow can be used as a stationary system for long-term diagnostics or as a portable system for immediate evaluation of buildings and structures technical conditions.

The main measuring element of the system consists of a set of digital sensors placed inside of a compact case. This enables easy deployment of the system. Integrated WiFi or GSM module enables data transfer to a server in real time mode. The data is processed and analyzed while the measurements results are shown at the operator’s display. In the case of off-line operation the integrated recorder with memory up to 32 Gb enables recording during 600 hrs.

Among major advantages of the system one should mention high sensitivity and precision, allowing to perform various surveys and to evaluate structural stability as well as to provide recommendations regarding further use of the structure. 

Operating principles ZET Arrow

of Buildings and structures diagnostics system

Necessary amount of portable recorders is connected into network by means of Ethernet cable. The network is also connected to a PC for synchronization. Synchronization of the recorders is performed by means of software application.

Stationary system for long-term diagnostics

Portable recorders are placed at the controlled points and the system is powered up. Data transfer to PC is performed via WiFi or GSM network.

Portable system for structural condition evaluation

Evaluation of structure’s technical condition is performed by means of shock impacts sequence.

Portable recorders are placed at the controlled points and the system is powered up. Shock impact imitation system is connected to one of the recorders and the shock impact signal is saved to a flash card.

Upon completion of measurements performance the signals from the recorders are forwarded to PC via USB port. Then the task-oriented software performs analysis of building’s bearing structures technical conditions.

Off-line recorder, included into ZET arrow system, consists of ZETSENSOR mobile kit – a set of digital modules, placed inside of a plastic casing. The recorder’s basic elements are as follows:

  • intelligent vibration meters ZET 7156 or ZET 7152-N for measuring and recording dynamic characteristics of the building in the course of diagnostics performance;
  • off-line recorder  ZET 7173, for data recording in off-line mode and for connection to PC via USB (for the purpose of the recorded data transfer);
  • interface module ZET 7176, for remote connection of the recorders to PC via Ethernet;
  • logical analyzer ZET 7160 for synchronization of recording process start with the source point impact.

As an option, the recorder can also be equipped with synchronization module ZET 7175 (GPS/GLONASS) and interface converters ZET 7177 for data transfer via GSM network.


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