SHM measuring system

based on ZET 048-C seismic recorders

SHM (also referred to as ESMS – engineering structures monitoring system) measuring system based on ZET 048-C  seismic recorerders can be used for long-term monitoring as well as for periodical check of structures bearing capacity.


ZET 048-С seismic recorders have an integrated seismic recorder and a 24-digit measuring module enabling instant digital processing of the measured signal as well as digital data transfer to ZETLAB cloud server.

Data transfer from the seismic recorders to the server can be performed via GSM/GPRS, VPN, or by means of a separate copper or fiber-optic Ethernet network.

In the case of copper Ethenet line the maximum line length is 80 meters for 100 Mbps and 800 meters for 10 Mbps. ZET 048-C enables connection speed of 100 or 10 Mbps.

In the case of GSM connection there is no limitation of distance in the case if measuring system components are located within the network coverage area.

Based on the seimic recorder (seismic station) ZET 048-C  and the Software used for natural oscillations frequency and logarithmic decrement control there has been developed a technical solution for periodical control and constant monitoring of building structures condition, which enables control of major dynamic characteristics.

In order to increase reliability of data acquisition system operation, it is recommended to install the industrial PC at the controlled object for the purpose of preliminary data acquisition and processing.

One of the best possible connection schemes for similar systems is the connection of single-module seismic receiver and recorder to server or main line controller and grounding with a fiber-optic cable. This type of connection scheme is also convenient for diagnostics and control purposes, it also enables in-place verification.