• Hydrophones by ZETLAB Company

    Hydroacoustic sound receivers and projectors for solving the tasks relating to naval navigation, underwater sound communication, fish-finding surveys, scientific research and ocean mining


Available product versions

For the purpose of operational convenience and with a view to the implementation of the analog hydrophones in various spheres of industry, they are manufactured in two product versions: standard (submersible hydrophones with cable mounting) and threaded (for further mounting inside of a hermetical tank or a pipeline).

The digital hydrophones can be used within the scope of distributed measuring networks for detection and measurement of the acoustic signals and noise in liquid and gaseous environments.

  • Submersible

    cable connection, the weight of the hydrophone allows to bring it into operational position

  • Threaded

    for thread mounting to the pipeline flanges or tanks

  • Digital

    sensing element, integrated amplifier and digital signal processor are placed into a leak-proof casing

Areas of implementation