ZET 048-E Seismic Station

  • Expedition version
  • 4, 8 or 16 measuring channels
  • In-place sensors verification
  • Seismic streamer control

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of ZET 048-E seismic stations

Technical specifications
Measuring channels number 4, 8 or 16
Type of input channels differential
Frequency range (bandwidth), at 2,500 Hz sampling frequency 1,000 Hz
ADC bit depth 24 bit
Maximum input range (Vin + to Vin-) −10 to +10 V
Maximum input range of inverting/non-inverting input −5 to +5 V
Equivalent self-noise level (at 50 Hz sampling frequency), max. 4 µV
Dynamic range 124 dB (50 counts per second)
120 dB (250 counts per second)
Input resistance of analog highway 100 kOhm
Input capacity of analog highway, max. 10 pF
Power consumption 2 W
Data rate via HighSpeed USB 2.0 480 Mbps
Data rate via Ethernet 100 Mbps
Offline Operation Parameters
Internal nonvolatile memory (SD card) 2 x 32 Gb cards
Sampling frequency of channel recording to the drive 1.0 kHz
Time of recording to 32 Gb SD card on 4 channels at 500 Hz sampling frequency over 1,000 h
SD card read rate (USB) up to 800 kbps
Synchronization Parameters 
GPS receiver initiation time 2 to 15 min
Indication of GPS synchronization yes
Clock accuracy 0.1 ppm
Reliability Parameters
Set MTBF, min. 8,000 h
Average service life, min. 10 years
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions 355×280×165 mm
Weight 3.5 kg


of ZET 048-E seismic station

Power Control

of seismic receiver


sensors calibration

Dry contact

for exceeded threshold


of time via PTP




Data conversion into various formats

Continuous recording

Hot swap SD memory cards


Connectable to SCADA systems


of ZET 048-E seismic stations

ZET 048-E Seismic station is designed for measuring and recording the signals from seismic receivers.

The recording systems can be used offline or within the automated systems for conducting seismic and seismological research, onshore and offshore works, at sea bottom and on ice, using the methods of refraction and reflection waves and deep-water seismic sounding against the man-made and natural sources, using the seismology and the earthquake converted-wave method, as well as during geotechnical surveys.

The digitized signals are processed using the fully functional software ZETLAB SEISMO.

Application scope

of ZET 048-E seismic stations


of ZET 048-E seismic stations

Seismic digital seismic logger

ZET 048-E Seismic station is a 24-bit digital conversion module that ensures high quality and reliability of seismic signal conversion.

Digital conversion on each channel is performed by an independent analog-to-digital conversion chip.

Practical application

of ZET 048-E seismic stations

ZET 048-E Seismic station together with an analog field streamer can be used for seismic surveys.

The seismic event recording can be triggered by an impact hammer: mechanical oscillations are excited by impact hammer, geophones convert mechanical oscillations into an electrical signal and transfer it via the streamer line to the seismic station, which records and processes the signal.


Main functions

of ZET 048-E seismic stations


spectral, wavelet, correlational


Acceleration, velocity, displacement


signals in two- and three-dimensional form

Signal recording

standalone and archiving


of signals to exclude false triggering

Data transfer

to external systems via OPC

Standard configuration

of ZET 048-E seismic stations

Basic equipment seismic station ZET 048 E
  • ZET 048-E Seismic station;
  • 32 Gb memory card, power adapter;
  • GPS antenna + connecting cable;
  • USB cable, Ethernet cable, BNC-BNC cable 2 m;
  • CD with ZETLAB SEISMO software;
  • documentation set.

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