Evaluating frequency response at a fixed frequency range

measuring variable values

The Log. frequency response measurements (AC) program is developed for amplitude-frequency response measurements and can be used for:

  • measuring primary transducer FR by means of electrical method or using vibration sysem,
  • measuring monomorphic piezoelectrical element FR,
  • measuring vibration test system FR, etc.
Снятие АЧХ в логарифмическом масштабе (измерение переменного значения)

Programs for FR measurements are included into ZETLAB VIBRO Software set which is delivered together with ZET 017-U vibration controller

In the course of FR value control at the output of VCS module there is formed a signal with certain parameters. The response of the controlled circuit is recorded at the VCS controller output channels. Measurements results and recorded signals are displayed in the program window in real-time mode.

The program Log. frequency response measurements AC is a SCADA-project. For program operation one have to install  SCADA ZETVIEW software.