Shock impact recorder

Hardware-software system

This system is complex of recording instruments intended for measurement and recording of shock impact parameters produced by shock testing machines.

Measured parameters

amplitude of the reproduced shock impact
duration of the reproduced shock impact
pulse-rise time
pulse-fall time
shock impact: released energy

Operating principles

The shock testing machine produces shock impacts in accordance with the program saved in its controller unit.

FFT Spectrum Analyzer ZET017-U4 is used as a recorder.

SCADA-project “Shock impact recorder” measures the parameters of the recorded shock impacts, registers them and controls tests performance process.

test bench diagram

Accelerometers mounted on the shock testing machine are intended for the test parameters control. The sensors are connected to controller ZET 017-U4 by means of charge amplifier ZET 440.

Shock impact detection occurs as soon as the signal value exceeds the set threshold value. The threshold value is set as an absolute value or as a percentage rate from the expected value. As a reference value, one can use whether the noise level or the pre-shock energy accumulation stage. The duration of the expected shock pulse should be set as an absolute value.

Advantages of the system


fully automated test mode


tests protocol is produced in universal format


of the shock testing machine from test parameters configuration


stable characteristics throughout the operational cycle

System components

Example of shock impact recording

in the program “Shock-impact recorder”

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