Shaker calibration system

shaker calibration system_overview

The system is intended for primary and periodical calibration of electrodynamic shakers (also referred to as vibration exciters) and control of their parameters compliance with the applicable technical requirements. The calibration procedure implies performance of a wide range of tests aimed at evaluation of frequency range and resonance frequencies of the vibration exciters.

Advantages of the system

Automation of measurements performance

automation of measurements in accordance with the calibration procedure sequence


with the applicable standards and requirements

Compact dimensions

of hardware and software suite for laboratory use


and stable operational performance throughout operational life

System components

Item Function Quantity Price
FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 017 8-channels controller 1 from 9 003 USD
Charge amplifier ZET 440 preamplifier 1 from 666 USD
Vibration transducer ВС 111 evaluation of vibration exciter parameters 4 from 358 USD
Reference displacement sensor RF603 evaluation of low-frequency vibration exciters parameters 1 from 1 511 USD
Software “Shakers calibration system” SCADA-project for calibration performance in automated mode 1 from 2 182 USD
PC or a laptop upon request 1 from 1 556 USD
SCADA-system ZETVIEW the SCADA-system is necessary for operation of the program “Shakers calibration” 1 349 USD
Accessories and options:
magnetic holder AM 50
mounting magnet (cube) AM 51
accelerometer probe A 03-31
for accelerometers mounting
vibration measurements by three mutually transverse planes
for measurements in hard-to-reach areas
40 USD
66 USD
26 USD

System price: from 16 952 USD

Calibration sequence

The main purpose of the vibration exciter calibration is to ensure various test conditions reproduction within the specified tolerance limit and, thus, to confirm the operational state of the shaker system. The shaker calibration system is suitable both for primary and the subsequent calibrations of the vibration exciters.

For user’s convenience, some stages of the calibration procedure are performed in automated mode:

  • Evaluation of acceleration and frequency non-uniformity;
  • Evaluation of acceleration, displacement, and frequency ranges;
  • Evaluation of acceleration and displacement harmonics ratio;
  • Evaluation of lateral components ratio;
  • Evaluation of vibration irregularity ratio.

Some stages of the calibration procedure require the use of the shaker controller together with the task-specific software package (e.g., Shaker controller ZET 017-U), to be used in addition to the shaker calibration system components.

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