Available design options

for digital transducers of ZETSENSOR series

Digital transducers and measurement modules of ZETSENSOR series are available in several design versions for implemetation in various environments:

  • laboratory design version
  • industrial design version
  • explosion-proof design version
  • OEM design

Laboratory design version

Laboratory design version is the most common one for transducers of these series. The measuring elements of the transducer are placed in a green plastic casing, securing hermeticity and IP20 moist protection.

The modules manufactured in the laboratory design version are intended for use in moist-secure areas. In most cases, the modules are mounted on a DIN-rail, or installed in electrical cabinets. Normally, these cabinets are placed in closed rooms and have a door, providing certain dust- and moist protection, which makes it possible to use electrical instruments with IP20 protection class.

ZETSENSOR transducer - laboratory design option

ZETSENSOR transducer - industrial design option

Industrial design version

Industrial design version of the digital transducers is intended for use in adverse environments. The measuring elements of the transducer are placed into steel casing and covered with compound solution. These instruments have IP63 dust and moist protection. Digital transducers with industrial design option can be operated outdoors in any environments.

Digital transducers of laboratory design can also be used in industrial environment conditions in the case if they are placed inside of leak-proof casing, ensuring solid particle and moist protection in compliance with IP65 protection code.

Explosion-proof design option

Digital transducers in explosion-proof design provide for their safe use in explosion-hazard areas due to solid-state diode, which is integrated in the circuitry. These transducers have 0ExiaIICT6 Х explosion protection and IP67 moist and dust protection.

In order to secure communication via data channels and power supply lines of the digital transducers located in explosion-proof areas, it is necessary to use intrinsic-safety barriers.  

ZETSENSOR transducer - explosion-proof design option

ZETSENSOR transducer - OEM design option - protective compound

OEM design

OEM design is represented by unpackaged circuit of the digital transducer. Most transducers of these series are covered with a protective compound securing the transducer from the impact of external factors.

This design option is intended for placing several measurement instruments into a single casing. It allows to reduce both the dimensions of the measurement module and its price. OEM configuration includes the assembly of the most necessary components (the instrument is supplied with the user manual, and without individual package ar any other accessories). In the case of OEM design, the recommended operating temperature range is from -40 up to +80 ºC.