• Digital devices of ZETSENSOR series

    Automation and control of technological and industrial processes
    Monitoring of bearing structural elements

  • Digital devices of ZETSENSOR series

    Key elements of various automated systems
    Used for acquisition of data related to the parameters of controlled system or device

  • Digital devices of ZETSENSOR series

    Compact and easy to use!
    Direct mounting on the structural elements of the controlled object
    Measuring line with RS-485 or CAN interface

Digital sensors and measuring modules

Wide range of ZETSENSOR digital sensors enables measurements performance and controlled object parameters evaluation (deformation, strain, tilt angle, low frequency oscillations, absolute and over-pressure, ambient environment and tested object temperature control).

Interface modules

Interface converters enable establishing data acquisition nodes based on united measuring lines.

Data acquisition node consists of electrical cabinets containing interface and control modules.

Controllers and generators

ZETSENSOR controllers and generators are used for parameters deviation from the set value control, for control signal generation in the case if the set parameter value is exceeded.

Application spheres

of ZETSENSOR line digital devices

Digital sensors ZETSENSOR are widely used for establishing of technological processes distributed automatic control systems.

Oil and gas industry

строительная промышленность


коммунальное хозяйство


Управление АСУ ТП

Technological processes

distributed automatic control systems


of using ZETSENSOR digital devices

Using ZETSENSOR digital sensors has a number of advantages if compared to analogue devices with similar scope of application.

While having identical application, electrical cabinet with digital devices is more compact if compared to the one with analogue devices.

This allows to place digital cabinets with control and interface modules in constrained environments.

Цифровой электротехнический шкаф

Digital recorders are more compact in size if compared to analogue converters placed inside of the cabinet. One more advantage is the possibility to form a back-up channel for data transmission.

Power supply sources for analogue devices are bulky  while the power supply source

delivered together with digital modules is palm-sized.

Additional benefit of using digital cabinets is a reduced power consumption!

Connection of analogue products to data input-output devices is a complicated and time-consumig process.

Digital communication lines together with ZETSENSOR data acquisition nodes

allow to activate primary transducer simply by joining just a few contacts!

Installing and de-installing

of digital ZETSENSOR products

Digital sensors ZETSENSOR have a plastic casing with an integrated magnet and are delivered together with DIN-rail metal mounting panel allowing to easily install the device.

De-installion is also very simple due to free access to any of the devices and a limited number of connecting wires.


of digital ZETSENSOR devices

Diagnostics of digital devices perfomance and operable condition within the scope of automation and control systems can be performed visually at the data acquisition node cabinet via light indication.

Indication modes  highlight the defect module, lost connection and modules with normal perfomance.

Assistance required?

Below you can see several options which can be of use for you should you face any difficulties in choosing the particular device type, designing the measurement lines based on ZETSENSOR devices, or using any of our products.


module choice, installation manual, modules perfomance features, settings and diagnostics

Video lessons

ZETSENSOR line devices connection, settings and application


warranty and post-warranty repair of products manufactured by ZETLAB Company

Compact dimensions of the sensors enable installation in constrained environments as well as conversion and digitizing of measurement channel in close vicinity to the measurement object.

We guarantee reliability and stable perfomance of ZETSENSOR line digital sensors – 10 year term warraty is provided!