SHM system: basic package

Basic SHM system package is a comprehensive monitoring system used for the control of engineering structures. The system has compact dimensions and can be used for prompt evaluation of building’s technical parameters.

Basic system package includes a digital recorder (a set of interface modules placed inside of a compact casing) and a set of digital sensors to be mounted on the structure’s controlled elements:

For the purpose of the registered data processing and visual representation of the results obtained it is necessary to have a PC (laptop) with installed ZETLAB software.
Type and amount of the sensors are selected by the user based on particular requirements.

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of SHM system basic package

Operation principles of SHM system basic package are similar to those of the distributed structural health monitoring system:

  • Outline the parameters to be controlled, select digital sensors for the parameters control in accordance with the applicable requirements.
  • Find the suitable mounting area for installation of the digital sensors and the recorder. When choosing the mounting area locations, it is necessary to consider the cables to be connected to the digital sensors.
  • Perform installation of the control system at the facility in accordance with the requirements specified in the operational documentation.
  • Adjust settings, configure the digital devices included in the scope of the monitoring system, check visual representation of the controlled parameters on operator’s screen.

ZETLAB software enables visual representation of the controlled parameters in a user-friendly form, thus allowing to evaluate the necessity of works performance aimed at structural defects elimination and increasing the building’s safety.

SHM system basic package is an optimal solution for small structures operational condition evaluation.

It is recommended to select several control points for bearing capacity control in the case of large-scale buildings and industrial facilities.

You can find detailed information relating to system selection, equipment positioning, measuring lines design for distributed monitoring systems in the clause Structural health monitoring system.