Eddy current probe ZET 701

Eddy current probes are used as sensing elements of digital eddy current systems for contactless measurement of vibration, displacement and rotation frequency of electrically-conductive objects.

  • the probes are included into the scope of eddy current sensor systems;
  • wide temperature range;

The eddy current probes are included into the basic delivery scope of  
digital eddy current displacement sensor ZET 7140-S

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of eddy current probe ZET 701

Technical specifications
ZET 701–05 ZET 701–07 ZET 701–17
End-piece diameter D1 7,7 mm 9,5 mm 20,5 mm
Coil diameter 5,5 mm 7,2 mm 17,5 mm
Case thread D2 M10×1 M12×1 M24×1
End-piece length L1 8 mm 8 mm 10 mm
Probe size (for hex key) 9 mm 9 mm 9 mm
Threaded section length L2 67 mm 67 mm 67 mm
Probe length L3 97 mm 97 mm 99 mm
Case material stainless steel
Probe head material robust mounting material
Length of the integrated cable 0,5 m
Connection type SMA
Temperature range from −40 up to +110 °С

Measuring scheme, connection options

of eddy current probes ZET 701

Measuring system - connection options

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